‘No matter where you go, Ireland won’t disappoint’ says Student Ambassador Ariadna from Mexico. Ireland is incredibly rich in nature, culture and history, and because of its size, it is easy to explore it all! Check out Ariadna’s new blog, where she gives you an amazing insight into some of the sights on offer…

Exploring beautiful Ireland (photo: Ariadna)


You can’t come to Ireland without doing some sightseeing. Get out of the city, nature awaits. If you’re brave enough, you can rent a car. Be mentally prepared to drive on the left side. I must say that the actual driving of the car is not complicated. What was difficult to me was calculating the distance to the right and left of the car from the passenger side. I hit the curb many times (spelled kerb here), and I was nervous in the narrow country roads and many roundabouts, where you must turn left and go clockwise. 

Dunguaire Castle (photo: Ariadna)


But it is so worth it! A car gave me the freedom of stopping when I saw a tower or castle along the road, like the Dunguaire Castle on my way from Galway to the famous Cliffs of Moher. It was exciting to just park and walk the external path around this 16th Century castle! 


I continued to the cliffs and found out that there are walking trails with amazing views. Unfortunately, I didn’t research in advance and I didn’t pack a snack, so I had to cut the walk short, considering that whatever distance you walk one-way, you must walk it back. I went to Doolin for lunch and a little walk around the town. Gus O’Connor’s pub is a great place to go after your visit to the cliffs. It had such a nice atmosphere, people seemed to know each other, and the food was good too. I definitely want to go back to Gus O’Connor’s pub and the Cliffs of Moher walking trails. Next time I will pack a sandwich! 


On another trip, I got to visit an old building in ruins, Hore Abbey. Another unplanned stop, since I was there for the known Rock of Cashel. I saw it at a distance and decided to go explore and I’m so glad I did. Even getting there was a nice experience, crossing a stile, which is an opening in a gate where people can pass, but animals can’t. I enjoy the green flat fields, they are not very common back home and here they can be seen very often. Once in the abbey, I loved imagining how each room would have been in the 13th Century when it was built! I think that the remaining structure and green surroundings are still beautiful and exciting. 


Hore Abbey (photo: Ariadne)

Exploring beautiful Ireland (photo: Ariadne)

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the known and unknown beauties of Ireland. The distances between places are relatively small, so you can find many day-trips or weekend getaways. If, like me, you like nature and ruins, no matter where you go, Ireland won’t disappoint. 


Ariadna is pursuing an MSc in Innovation, Strategy and People Management at NUI Galway.