Indian student Suvarna Agnihotri fell in love with Cork City and found its wonderful river captivating and life-affirming

The true way of living in harmony with nature is to incorporate it into our daily lives. Ireland is surrounded by water and the coastal city of Cork also has the river Lee running through it which is its lifeblood.

The whole city is built around it and its scenic beauty is unparalleled. In my opinion, without the Lee, Cork would be like Egypt without Nile. The diverse flora and fauna around it also make it a really interesting place for the elderly as well as for younger people.

In this blog I will show you why I think of the Lee as the ‘life’ of Cork . . .

The Lee, which is called ‘an Laoi’ in the Irish language (Gaelic), rises from Shehy Mountains in the west of Cork. It then splits into two for a short distance, creating an island where Cork city centre is located.

buildings and river

Cork City is built on the river Lee

Cork City at night

It then merges into the Celtic Sea at the port of Cork. Cork is home to one of the largest natural harbours in the world.

river and harbour

Cork Harbour

A lot of recreational activities take place on the Lee. One such event is the ‘dragon boat’ race which raises a lot of money for charity.

A ‘dragon’ race on the Lee

People also enjoy kayaking on the river and there are sailing clubs which host most of the events and practice runs.


Kayaking on the river

You can also find various exotic fauna around the river, such as otters, seals, salmon and swans.


An otter having a swim


A swan on the river Lee in Cork

I hope you liked this blog and all the photos which were taken by me during my stay in Cork.