“How is our student life at DBS?”

Student Ambassadors Ambre Poilly and Pedro D Carvalho Azevedo Neto give us 5 good reasons to choose DBS and Ireland as your study abroad destination.


Pedro and I (Ambre) are 3rd year international Business students at Dublin Business School. Pedro is from Brazil, and he’s been here since his 1st year, and I, from France, arrived in September 2022 to study my 3rd year. It’s a year abroad part of my home school programme, they have a partnership with DBS. 

How is our student life at DBS? 

Business Society Committee


We have around 15 hours of classes weekly, and the timetable doesn’t change a lot from week to week. Moreover, every week has a different theme. For example, there is the “Healthy Campus week” in early October, the “Business, Marketing, and Innovation week” in early November, and the “Green Week” at the beginning of March. 

Sustainability Society Committee during a clean-up event at the Dolphins Barn Bridge in November 2022 




Pedro is the President of the Business Society. Between the 14th and the 17th of November, the Business Committee organized some events, such as talks, masterclasses and the innovation challenge.  

Ambre is the Co-president of the Sustainability Society. The committee participated in clean-up events in Dublin. They also need to prepare events for the first week of march to sensibilize more people about sustainability.  

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons to study at DBS. 

Money Jar competition during the Business and Innovation Week 

1. Active campus life: there are many activities throughout the semester such as hikes, surfing trips, parties, networking nights, karaoke, and much more.

There are also many clubs and societies that students can join including badminton, football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, dance, etc. And many societies include Business, Data Analytics, Law, Sustainability, Marketing, FinTech, Music, DJ, etc. The best part is that the DBS students are always eager to partake in these activities. There is a real sense of community and togetherness.


One of the DBS’ buildings (Aungier Street), the other is located on South Great George’s Street near Dublin’s Castle 

 2. City centre location: Both DBS buildings are located in the heart of Dublin. Restaurants, pubs, stores, and supermarkets are all nearby. This makes going out with friends after class a breeze.

 3.Student services team: the team is focused on making the students’ experience at DBS very memorable. They are always happy to help. They organize events and activities and are very enthusiastic. DBS also has a great career services team. They are tasked with organizing workshops like CV clinics, and they also bring company representatives to talk to students. Lastly, we have an amazing student union, always friendly and looking for ways to improve our experiences. 

4. DBS Job market reputation: DBS is well recognized and renowned to businesses in Ireland. The Job market looks favourably toward DBS students. 

 5. Fun common room: the DBS common room is jam-packed with things to do like playing pool, table tennis, video games, and darts. Students also have access to a huge speaker, so there’s always music playing. Many times during the semester, there is free pizza as well. 

 If you want to see what the students are up to, check out @dbsstudentexperience on Instagram. 


Pedro and Ambre are studying at DBS