Sick of having a blue-hue surround you? Our Indian Student Ambassador Deeksha Pathak tells us how she broke digital the cycle of online life!

Hello Everyone!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! My name is Deeksha, I travelled to Ireland in September 2020 for my Masters and I’m delighted to tell you guys that I have successfully finished my first semester!

Cookies Deeksha made during lockdown       (photo: Deeksha)

When I came, it was a complete lockdown and I had online studies, which meant sitting in front of a computer or laptop for long hours. Not only for lessons but also while taking a rest. Basically, I was surrounded by electronic devices and blue-light the entire time which made me feel more tired and, unfortunately, I pretty much dropped the idea of working on my hobbies or any other physical activity. I found out the International Relations office at my college was organising some exercises that really helped students to come out of the world of blue-light, at least for a while. They began to provide meditation classes, workout classes and also a few competitions.

Deeksha’s delicious dishes! (photo: Deeksha)

Once they had a Masterchef competition in which participants had to cook any dish in half an hour with four ingredients. Not to blabber, but I participated and won the first prize. That time, I realised I forgot about one of my hobbies— cooking, and that I could start working on it instead of using electronic items in my free time.





Food, glorious food! (photo: Deeksha)


Since then, I have started to learn and cook instead of getting hit by those blue-light rays in my free time. I also love dancing, so I have started to work on that as well, though only a little bit. I was so happy to write this blog and share it with you guys, I hope reading this will help you to work on your hobbies or any of your favourite skills!

Deeksha is doing a Master of Science in Computing (Information System Processes) at Waterford Institute of Technology.