Nigerian Student Ambassador Nsikak Nyah put a lot work into finding the most suitable country for him to pursue his studies in

Growing up I have always been adventurous. I always imagined what it would be like to experience other countries’ cultures, foods and traditions. When the opportunity presented itself for me to apply to do my master’s abroad, I knew I had to research it extensively. I wanted to choose a country that possessed a standard educational system, ample job opportunities and a rich, cultural background.

Top of the list

Ireland emerged on top of the list of my research. I discovered that the cost of living in Ireland is relatively affordable compared to other European countries and that her citizens are friendly and peaceful people.

Ireland is now also one of the safest countries to reside in in the world. Skills and training learned during education here are also internationally recognized. These are some of the major reasons I chose to study in Ireland.

Nsikak is doing an MSc in Quantity Surveying at the Limerick Institute of Technology