Food, glorious food! Trinity College Dublin international student Sarah Doyle shares six essentials to try in Ireland…

Irish breakfast

A breakfast of rashers, sausages, black pudding, beans, and toast will fill you up and keep you going through a long day. A ‘full Irish’ will likely be available in college canteen and cafes in the morning. The traditional Irish fry up will be a great comfort food in your new home and must be had during your time in Ireland.


Crisps=Potato Chips. Are you a Tayto, King, Keogh’s, or O’Donnells fan? Ireland is known for its potatoes so why not have them thinly sliced and fried? Be sure to try the classic “Crisp Sandwich” which consists of Cheese and Onion Tayto crisps between buttered white pan bread.

Fish and chips

Ireland, as an island, has some great seafood that must be experienced during your time here. Every town in Ireland has it’s own local ‘chipper’ which you should try at least once! A lovely Fish and Chips can be found all over Ireland, however I would recommend trying it in a seaside local such as Kinsale or Howth. The fish is usually served with chips (aka French Fries) and mushy peas.


European chocolate is a treat in itself. Ireland is known for its dairy and therefore chocolate can be perfected. Butler’s Chocolates are delicious and I would highly recommend the hot chocolate. You can buy Butlers Chocolate that is portioned for drinks and you simply melt one chunk into warm milk for the perfect hot chocolate! Other notable brands of chocolate are Cadbury or Lily O’Brien’s. To try a range of Cadbury delights buy a ‘Milk Tray’ to share with friends. Also be sure to try seasonal favourites such as the Cadbury Crème Egg. Additionally, there are lovely artisan chocolatiers who produce a range of flavoured chocolates such as mint, chilli, lavender, or seaweed!


A hearty Irish stew will be sure to keep you full and warm on a cold winter’s day. The stew consists of meat, potato, and veg. Most Irish stews will have lamb as the meat. However, you can also find lovely beef varieties and some even add a touch of Guinness.


Irish bread is quite a speciality and staple food. Irish soda bread is often homemade, as it has been for generations. This hearty bread pairs well with smoked salmon on top. For a lighter bread option try the Waterford Blaa. The Waterford Blaa is a floury soft white bread roll; it has even been given protected status by the European Commission!

If you are interested in studying in Ireland, visit the Education in Ireland website for more information about courses, how to apply and living in Ireland.