Craving a caffeine fix or looking for a quiet spot to get some work done after a delicious lunch? Our ambassador from Egypt Aliaa Karam shares her top six cafés and restaurants in Dublin.

A café is a lovely place to meet up with friends, read a novel, relax, or even get some work done on a university assignment. Over the past two years I have visited many different coffee shops and listed below are the best places I have found in Dublin.


Plate of food and cup of coffee on a wooden table

Avoca Café

One of the first cafes I visited in Dublin was Avoca, it has a warm and cozy atmosphere. The menu has a wide range of options. I especially enjoy their selection of baked goods. They are always fresh and delicious.


Cup opf hot chocolate with shot glasses containing cream, marshmallows and chocolate shavings

Bewley’s Grafton Street

Bewley’s is an Irish beverage company which was founded in Dublin in 1840! They have a branch on Grafton Street which has a stunning interior décor. I would definitely recommend this café as a wonderful place to meet up with friends.


Dessert plate on a white table cloth

Manifesto Rathmines

A lovely place to have dinner at is the Italian Restaurant Manifesto in Rathmines. I went there last May with my family. It is a small place that is intimate and cosy. Their food is exquisite and I especially enjoyed their desserts. It’s definitely a lovely place to visit with friends and family.

Douglas and Kaldi

A restaurant and café at the Dundrum shopping centre. Their dining area is amazing with large glass windows that allow you to gaze out on a wonderful view of Dublin. It’s a great place to work on an assignment for school or meet up with friends.

Harvey Nichols Café

The Café is also in the Dundrum shopping centre. It is a very nice café to get some work done or to sit and read a novel. I would definitely recommend their hot chocolate on a cold day.

Barry and Browne

Neon sign in a restaurant

Barry and Browne

This is another great café and restaurant. The café’s interior design is very elegant. It is a great place to relax after a long day. I would also recommend that you go in the morning to try their delicious fluffy pancakes for breakfast.

I hope that these recommendations have given you some ideas for new dining options. Where are your favourite cafés and restaurants? Please leave me a comment and let me know!