Unlock invaluable insights with our Student Ambassador, Hannah Welthagen guiding you with expert tips for your first exchange experience in Ireland.

Get a student leap card. 

The TFI Student/Young Adult leap card allows us students to travel on the public transport for almost 60% less than regular fares and is a great way to save on transport around and close to the city. It’s easy to apply for online and gets delivered to you in the post, all it costs is a small fee and a picture of yourself for the card.  

Download the TFI travel apps. 

When you download the TFI leap card top-up app, you’re able to top-up anywhere on the go. Another app that is helpful is the TFI Live app, which lets you know the expected times of the public transport and can help to plan the journey to and from school. 

Create a Student Beans and Unidays account. 

These sites give you access to many student discounts for a variety of brands and stores, some online and some also available in-store. It’s extremely helpful when on a student budget or even if you’re just looking to save some money. 

Join the clubs and societies at your college and attend the events. 

It’s a fantastic way to get more involved in the social life of the school and also a great way for you to connect with other students more and more. Joining a club can help with meeting people that share the same interests as you or are in a similar situation and are looking for friends in a new environment.  


Ireland is such a beautiful country; it’s filled with so many gorgeous parks and walking trails and a great thing about this is that it’s not even far away. Catch the train and head over for the day to enjoy the scenery. There’s a really lovely cliff-side walk in Howth; you can hop on some public transport and be there in no time to breath in that fresh coastal air.

Hannah Welthagen is studying at DBS via Education in Ireland.