What to find a college that feels like a family yet offers the best in facilities and education? Muhammad Abubakar Khan is studying abroad on a four year BA in Business Administration at GMIT and in this blog he describes why he is so happy with his choice….

Travelling to a Western European country and an English-speaking environment might not be a very mainstream act for a Pakistani living in Saudi Arabia. It is a decision that involved a lot of research and guidance. As an international student I needed a student visa to enter Ireland, and for that, a number of documents were required to be submitted to the Irish Embassy. As I am now happily in my third year of the Bachelors in Business (Honours) at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology – Mayo Campus, then you should know that it was all totally worth it.

The Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) is a great platform to give your career a shining start. Located in the west of Ireland, studying in the Mayo Campus at GMIT means I wake up to an inspiring landscape which truly refreshes the mind. GMIT takes care of this landscape too and is an environmental champion offering multiple awareness activities such as planting in the courtyard, environmently-friendly talks, and thought provoking notes on the walls of the college. This campus even holds the Green Campus status given by The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and An Taisce in 2011.

At GMIT students are invested in their studies and committed to improving their future careers. My journey here as a student has brought a lot of positive changes in my general ability to think! In the Mayo campus, all of our lecturers are friendly, warm-hearted and understanding. Lecturers here are always willing to help students, even if they have to sacrifice their free time. For me, choosing my favourite teacher here would be an impossible thing, because there is not just one that I admire. The atmosphere here is relaxed and friendly and feels like a family. In many of the modules, we are assigned to work in groups, which really breaks the ice amongst classmates. There are a lot of activities that help students from different courses to work together and collaborate. Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) by trained student leaders are provided for all 1st year students who need help in their modules. Technology is a part of almost every module, which makes it easier for us to perform our tasks from home as well.

My last word? Go and experience the GMIT vibes because they will be memories that you will cherish forever.