Yujun, our Shannon College of Hotel Management Ambassador, shares three reasons why she thinks studying abroad is a great idea…

Nowadays,studying overseas has become a popular choice for most students but it is still a tough decision for most with lots to consider. If you are feeling hesitant, check out my advice below on the three main advantages for choosing to study abroad…

Improve yourself

First of all, studying abroad is beneficial for students to improve their ability in solving problems, because when they live alone in a foreign country, they can learn a lot from their life experiences. The more a person experiences in life, the more they can use these new skills to adjust, to adapt and to solve problems they encounter in their life.

I still remember the first time when I arrived in Ireland – I felt curious but fearful. I had to learn how to survive without my parents’ care;  how to cook; how to drive, how to deal with my homesickness and how to protect myself. During this time, I learned lots of skills, got used to a whole new way of life and I gradually found that I was stronger than I thought!

Broaden your horizons

Studying abroad is likely to broaden your horizons and offer new perspectives, both of which have a positive effect on your working lives in the future.

For example, if a student goes back to his hometown as a teacher, he or she is likely to bring a new perspective of traditional knowledge, which can motivate a young generation to discover this new field. It’s especially useful in business or government work, having experience abroad will give you a leg up when it comes to finding a job after college. Not only can you show potential employers that you have global and professional knowledge about economics, but also that you have been exposed to different opinions, experiences, and are capable of being independent.

Making new friends

Studying overseas gives you the opportunity to make lots of friends from different countries. Through the studying period, you will learn a lot through talking to other people about different cultures, different manners and different ways to make friends. During this time, students are able to recognise cultural diversity and through the way of talking to different people, they can be optimistic, outgoing and confident.

I have had the opportunity to meet friends from France, America, UK, India and Malaysia. We’re all from different countries, speaking different languages, but you will find sometimes language is not a barrier at all!

In conclusion, going abroad to study can expand our horizons; cultivate an independent character and a great way to experience a new cultures!