Making the decision to study abroad can be tough but Zhaoying Wu, one of our National College of Ireland Student Ambassadors, believes in the saying YOLO! In this blog she tells us about why she chose Ireland and how she has found her study abroad experience so far…

My name is Zhaoying Wu (武照颖) – my English name is Jillian – and this is my third year studying in the National College of Ireland. My undergraduate subject in China was broadcasting but I lost my way a little after I graduated. I suddenly realised that I didn’t like the major I had studied and that I didn’t want to focus my life and career towards this one aspect of study. This was the trigger that helped me make the big decision to study abroad. Why? Because I believe in YOLO!

Moving abroad was tough. I was surrounded by a world I had never experienced before – tackling a new culture and the language barrier was difficult. I felt fearful and helpless at times. However, things changed over time as I tried to become more open and to actively make friends. Once you do this you will find that all of those negative feelings magically disappear, you will fall in love with Ireland and even with yourself! By sharing this personal experience I hope to encourage those who are struggling with their decision to travel to Ireland to study. Talk to people if you are feeling low, don’t be afraid to be yourself and do not lose confidence! My advice? Make the most of study abraod because, you guessed it… YOLO!

The past two years away from my home have given me many precious memories and have hugely impacted my life and growth as a person. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and explore this beautiful corner of the earth – expanding my horizons and making me realise that it’s important to get out there and see things!

Now I am a student in MSc Marketing Management and this course is so interesting. My career goals are so much clearer and I’ve finally found something I love to do! So, don’t hesitate to study abroad and follow your dreams! Let’s go on a date with this world and uncover our undiscovered future! Because… YOLO!

If you are interested in studying in Ireland, visit the Education in Ireland website for more information.