In this captivating blog, our Student Ambassador unfolds a journey of exploration in Ireland, drawn to its enchanting landscapes, warm-hearted people, and the timeless allure of its rich culture. It’s a tale of discovery and a love affair with the Emerald Isle.

Is choosing a place to study abroad an easy decision? What factors make you consider certain places? No, for me, it wasn’t easy at all. It was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I had to weigh various factors and options. Studying abroad is not only about choosing an environment with high-quality education but also ensuring it is safe for you. And now, I couldn’t be happier living and studying in a place called Ireland, where the perfect blend of humanity and nature creates a beautiful environment

When I started thinking about study abroad, I spent years finding information. Where has a good education system? Where is English the main language? Where can I be safe without facing racial discrimination? Where is modern, yet let me enjoy nature anytime? You know what? Ireland exceeds all my expectations. As a nature lover, I am so blessed to see flowers, trees, and green grass everywhere in Ireland. Its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant blooming flowers, beautiful countryside with green hills and parks, stunning yellow trees in Autumn, clear blue sky, fresh air, and rocky cliffs by the sea, etc…make a really big impression in me.

Once, I asked my Irish friend what she is most proud of being an Irish? She said, “friendliness and unity”. Before, I also heard that Irish people are known for being the friendliest. After a few months living here, I could not agree more. Here in Ireland, I see smiley faces everywhere, and common words I hear are “Thank you” and “Sorry.” Even if I need help, someone is usually there without expecting anything. I also experience this friendliness, warmth, and care at my school, the National College of Ireland. Whenever we need help with academics, health, mental health, or any life issue, the support team is always there, listening and helping. This is meaningful for an international student like me.

And of course, Ireland is an English speaking country, and it is also known for high-quality education. Ireland has top notch universities, focus on research, and stress hands-on learning. Ireland’s economy is doing well, especially in technology, medicine, and finance. So students have many chances to learn and work, both while studying and after finishing. Furthermore, many big international companies are in Ireland, making it a great place to get real-world experience and start a career. Choosing Ireland for my higher education was one of the most challenging but best decisions I’ve ever made in my life

Ngoc Lan Tran is studying MSc in Marketing at NCI via Education in Ireland.