Our Canadian ambassador and IT Sligo IT Ambassador, Colin Topliffe, shares his photographs of the beautiful north-west of Ireland.

Ireland is truly a breathtaking country. I wanted to share just some of the beautiful places that north-west Ireland has to offer.

Mountain with blue sky Mountain with blue skyMountainous landscape snowy landscape snow on a mountain with sheep

I recently went with a few friends to climb some of the mountains in the area and I was able to capture some incredible shots of the stunning scenery. Now don’t worry! We only experienced snow because it was during winter and we were very at a high attitude. The weather on the mountains does get a bit crazy though hence why the photos go from sunny to gloomy with a blanket of snow. Overall it was still a beautiful sight to see.

Glencar Lake

This beautiful view is of Glencar Lake on a beautifully sunny day. I had a fun time taking this photo mainly because I got to fly my drone around and take some really cool shots.

coastal path with mountain in background


Another gem in the Northwest is the town of Strandhill — a surfing hotspot and has some stunning views of mountains, the ocean and beaches all in once place. It also has an amazing ice-cream shop and café if you want to take a break from all the sightseeing and relax.

Lake surrounded by trees with mountain in the background

Lake Gill

Lastly the beautiful waters of Lake Gill. This photo was taken in one of my favourite places in Ireland, Hazelwood forest. I honestly love just how beautiful the views are in this forest. I often find myself sitting at the spot where I took this photo to think about how much of an amazing opportunity It has been to study in Ireland. I’m never going to regret my decision to come here.