Ammar, our Saudi and UCD Ambassador shares his thoughts of the Irish offering when it comes to food. From fresh seafood and local breads, he puts Ireland top of the list when it comes to great tasting dishes…

Small as it is, the island nation of Ireland rides on the wings of popularity in the global arena. Much as it is famous for its celebration of St. Patrick, Ireland has blessed the world with several goodies including Guinness, the world famous and best-selling alcoholic drink. For a long time in the past, Ireland did not have a reputation for cuisines like some European countries — not the case today. Today, Ireland has a rich culinary culture and mouth-watering cuisines.

Home to communities with traditional skills like butchering and bread-making, one is always assured of a tasty, delightful meal in Ireland. Traditionally, staple Irish diets comprise grains, potatoes, cabbage and dairy products. Soups are commonly made of meats, seafood, and potatoes. Traditional foods are often prepared with salt and pepper but not with other spices or herbs. Being an Island, the nation has bountiful supply of seafoods such as oysters, mussels, scallops and lobster.

At the hands of an Irish chef, a meal begins with excellent raw ingredients which abound across the Island. No wonder the country has a long tradition of producing quality food products. Although Ireland has no shortage of must-try menus, some of the favourites include farmhouse cheese, seafood, smoked salmon, lamb, Irish stew, boiled bacon, coddle, and traditional breads. For the Irish people, a meal is never truly complete without a drink; alcoholic or otherwise. Craft apple juice, tea, Irish gin, Irish whiskey, Irish coffee and Guinness are some of the common drinks taken with a meal.

Ireland plays host to several four and five star hotels and restaurants, some of them serving exotic foods to cater to the diverse needs of a multicultural clientele. With a booming economy, night life in Irelands’ major cities is bustling with clients often lost for choice with the many restaurants to choose from — in short, if you are looking to study in a place brimming with unique cuisine, drinks and food, it is Ireland!