Travelling up and down the east coast of Ireland, Student Ambassador Bill has experienced all sides of Irish life! Studying in Waterford but living in Dublin, he has soaked up the sights of the Irish country side on his travels. Bill shares with us his experience of both cities…


As I have started settling in, I can safely say that I am one of the students who have experienced Ireland in a very interesting way. 

I study in Waterford but stay in Dublin. The distance between Dublin and Waterford by bus is a 2hr 15mins journey! Waterford Institute of Technology has made it a priority to bring back on-campus experience by having more in class lectures rather than zoom. The idea is to ensure students get the most out of an on campus experience and to be honest, I would rather be on campus than locked up at home looking at a computer!

I enjoy the change between the two different cities which if you pay close attention is very vivid. Dublin has a great blend that consists of students from different fields and universities, and there is the corporate side to it, everyone is rushing to work and business meetings. There are also tourists who are visiting from around the world. The above-mentioned is all great because since there is so much diversity in the city, you never have the same conversation twice unless it is about the weather! Everyone has a different way of thinking and different experiences so there is a lot to hear and learn if you are of an inquisitive mind.  

Waterford on the other hand on the surface is more student oriented but if you look past that it is hard not to notice the historical architecture that surrounds the city. While in transit I can almost feel the shift from an urban fast-paced Dublin to less busy, but historically filled Waterford. A look outside the bus window as I travel is interesting because I get to see the countryside. There are horses, sheep and the medieval town of Kilkenny which has well-preserved churches and monasteries. It’s a beautiful drive to get to Waterford. Whenever I feel like I am falling behind on school, the bus is also a great place to read and catch up because there are usually not that many people and it can be peaceful enough to read. If I do not feel like reading or looking out the window it is a great time to watch my TV series! 


Bill is pursuing a Social Science degree at SETU Waterford Campus (Waterford IT).