Dublin is known for its pubs and nightlife! Where to start? Student Ambassador Earn has some ideas of the best spots in town where you can go to soak up the craic of the Irish…

Dublin is a wonderful city to explore and expand your social life as you begin your journey as an international student. The city is filled with warm welcoming locals and friendly international residents. The city has many avenues for one to engage in social activities. However, one of the activities, in my humble opinion, stands out above is exploring the various good auld pubs that live in almost every corner of Dublin City. Dublin offers a wide variety of pubs that come in different styles and serve different moods; from traditional Irish pubs, quirky pubs to modern pubs. Each pub has its own unique personality and that attracts all kinds of interesting people. They are amazing places to hang out with friends or meet new people. While these are places that primarily serve alcohol, you don’t necessarily need to partake in alcoholic beverages to appreciate the atmosphere and enjoy the chats.  

In this blog, I would like to give a quick guide to some of the pubs I love in Dublin; they are great starting points for your adventure in Dublin. These are my top 5 spots in Dublin:- 


Anti-Social (photo: Anti-Social via Earn)

  • I’d categorise this as a quirky modern pub that provides a very modern and edgy atmosphere. It presents a dark aesthetic with neon lights that illuminate the space. It has a small outdoor area that is furnished with barrels and tables for people that enjoy some fresh air.  The servers are super friendly and the cocktails are superb. The pub is famous for its signature cocktail towers that serve at least four people.  
Big Romance 

The Big Romance (photo: Earn)

  • Another pub that I’d categorise as quirky modern. It provides a classy atmosphere and the pub primarily plays jazz music. The pubs showcase some of its amazing jazz vinyl collection on the shelves. The pub would occasionally invite vinyl DJ’s that could expertly spin those classic vinyls. Moreover, the pub would also invite jazz musicians to play in the pub during the week. It is a great place to indulge in a romantic atmosphere. A beautiful place for a first date.  



Pygmalion (photo: Pygmalion via Earn)

  • Pink is the theme of this unique modern pub that provides an edgy and tropical atmosphere. On top of serving amazing cocktail deals, Pygmalion is also an amazing place that serves Michelin-guided pizza. And every Thursday, the pub would do Secret Thursday where they invite a random DJ to play on their dance floor, the Vault, a nightclub space within the pub with a cool underground atmosphere – it is fun to go to these nights as you never know who you are going to get on the night. High-profile DJs have come in to play in the venue in the past.  



Grogans (photo: Earn)

  • This pub could be considered as the quintessential traditional Irish Pub that is located opposite the George’s Arcade – a cool marketplace that sells unique scrumptious food and artisan goods. It is a beautiful traditional Irish pub that has stood the test of time and many stories have echoed in the wooden walls of the pub. It is a cosy place; the perfect place to have a good auld pint of Guinness and relish in the lively atmosphere.  


The Bernard Shaw 
  • The Bernard Shaw is a beautiful pub with a stunning theme. Named after the famous Irish writer, the space attracts interesting individuals from all around the city. Paired with its beautiful interior is its popular Eatyard that serves a variety of delicious food outdoors with rustic decor. It is a great place to spend your day on a Sunny afternoon. The pub provides a relaxing social atmosphere for its patrons with numerous activities.  

The Bernard Shaw (photo: Bernard Shaw via Earn)

While Dublin is small compared to other major European cities, it is filled with hidden gems and there is always so much to explore. Dublin exudes homeliness and you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. It is a city rich with literary and artistic history, and a city that is proud of its culture. While I could only include my Top 5 spots, I cannot end this blog without some honourable mentions of places I frequent. Feel free to visit them when you get the chance 

Honourable mentions: 
  • Favourite Bookstore: Hodges Figgis @ Dawson Street, Winding Stair  
  • Favourite Clubs for Techno Music: Index, Sound House 
  • Favourite Clubs/Pub for meeting International People: Dicey’s, RiverBar  
  • Favourite Venue for Intimate Gigs: Whelan’s  
More Pubs that I highly recommend:  

– Mema’s, The Living Room, Stag’s Head, The International Bar, Cassidy’s, Fibber Magees 

Earn is studying Audio Production and Music Project Management at Dublin Business School