Looking for ideas on how to spend a weekend in Limerick? Myrna Velazquez, our US and Mary Immaculate Ambassador has the answers…

As an international student traveling throughout the country you are studying in is big deal but sometimes spending a nice weekend in your college hometown is the way to go. For me Limerick is a great place to spend a nice and calm weekend, just going to the city centre for a cup of coffee or going to the Milk Market for produce is just as good as a day of travelling. Here are some of my recommendations for things to do in Limerick…

Visit the Milk Market

Opening hours: Friday 10am-3pm | Saturday 8am-3pm | Sunday 11am-3pm

The Milk Market is a farmers market that is open during the weekends near the city centre of Limerick. This market has fresh produce, live music, food stands and a friendly atmosphere. Going to the Milk Market during the weekend is a nice and relaxing activity, and one of my favourite things to do while at the market is to go to the stand that sells records. I love just looking through the albums and grabbing a bite to eat.

A trip to King John’s Castle

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9am-4:30pm

King John’s castle is 13th-century castle built by John, King of England (1166-1216 AD). An interesting fact about this castle is that King John never actually visited it! John’s castle is located beside the river Shannon and the castle itself has a museum that shares history on Ireland as a country and the castle itself. The castle has many viewpoints, looking to the river and the city centre. Exiting the castle there is a lovely café and gift-shop, perfect for a nice lunch.

A walk through the city centre

Limerick city centre is one of many places I like to go in the weekends. The city has restaurants, boutiques and many other things to do. The streets are always alive with people playing live music or just small things happening like pop-up shops. On O’Connell Street there are various shops and restaurants you can go to for a nice weekend walk. Even just going to a café and ordering a coffee while reading a book or going to Pennys shopping are nice things to do.

Pubs and bars

Pub are really nice places to go for a drink or dinner and here in Limerick there are plenty of places to choose from in the city. Many of the pubs around Limerick have a great vibe and live music and are really nice places to interact with the local Irish community. What I really like about the pubs in Limerick is that people are really friendly and will chat with you and when you least expect — you can meet three new people before midnight! Meaning you can go for dinner and have a couple of drinks and leave with new friends and wonderful memories.

What are your favourite things to do in Ireland? Leave a comment and let me know!