Fan Xia is from China and currently in her third year studying Accounting and Finance in Dublin Business School. In this blog she shares her top reasons for choosing this course – from ACCA exemptions to great college staff…

ACCA exemptions

DBS is an ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner – the highest academic teaching status awarded by ACCA. By the time I finish my course, I will get exceptional exemptions of 9 ACCA examinations (out of 14!). To an accounting major student, achieving professional certificate is essential for career development. In this regard, Accounting and Finance at DBS provides me with a major stepping stone towards my successful professional career.

Academic excellence and fantastic staff

Accounting and Finance at DBS gives me an in-depth knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of accounting and finance. Most lecturers are members of professional bodies like ACCA or CIMA and owning rich working experience, therefore I get to understand the accounting rules more thoroughly through some real stories from the lecturers. Besides, the DBS motto is to treat students as customers and it indeed realises this promise. All lecturers of my courses are really kind and helpful. Questions are always warmly welcomed and encouraged. I really enjoy the process of interacting with lecturers to enhance my knowledge.

Employability pillar

In line with DBS philosophy of ensuring all graduates have a suite of knowledge, skills and competence that make them readily employable, Accounting & Finanace contains an Employability Pillar of modules that complements the program specific modules. Through modules in the previous two years, I became aware of employer expectations of graduating, enhanced my communication skills and time management. Now I am having Employability in Action, from which I recognised my transferable skills and learned how to develop realistic career plans. I think all these exercise are really helpful to my future employment.

The above three points are just some of the reasons that I am really glad that I have made a wise decision to come here. Of course, there are great many more advantages and attractive points about my program and my school, but I’d like to keep them as a surprise for you to explore by yourself! Got more questions? Ask in the comment section below!