Erin Wilson, a student of Biomedical Diagnostics and our US International Student Ambassador shares three reasons to pick DCU as your study abroad destination…

Congratulations, you have decided to study abroad! Making that decision is tough, but the hard choices are not over yet. For example, where are you gonna study? (It is called study abroad after all.) In the United States alone, the vast choice of universities can make your head spin, and then to think of branching out to the entire world? The possibilities are endless.

To start with, I highly recommend taking time to ask yourself what your goals are and what is important to you in terms of a study abroad experience. Do you want a large or small uni; to immerse yourself in busy city life or experience small town charm; what level you will study at; will the classes be in your language? These are all key things to consider. When I sat down to think all this through, I knew I wanted Ireland to be my destination and after some research, I found Dublin City University and decided to pursue a Masters in Biomedical Diagnostics. I’m so happy I did and here are the reasons why…

Dublin City University ranks in the top 150 universities under 50

Situated in the lovely north Dublin neighborhood of Glasnevin, Dublin City University offers a unique uni experience. This young university, which only opened its doors in 1980, blends modern architecture and campus life with the classic charm and tradition of Dublin. The 2016 Top 150 Universities under 50, from Times Higher Education, included DCU in its top 100 schools. The category DCU scored highest in was International Outlook. This is great for students, but especially those coming to study abroad. It is reassuring to know your degree will be well respected globally. Along with providing such high quality academics, DCU is also able to offer a fairly small student to faculty even with its nearly 10,000 students. Almost a quarter of the student body is international students, which means no matter where you are from, you’ll fit right in on campus.

“It’s important to feel like you are not alone and that help is just around the corner when you need it. That is exactly the atmosphere DCU has, and it starts as early as the application and enrollment process.”

The Biomedical Diagnostics Institute on DCU campus

The Biomedical Diagnostics Institute, or the BDI, is a research based institution, founded by Science Foundation Ireland to carry out state of the art research in the field of medical diagnostics in the hope of developing innovative diagnostic devices for early detection of disease. The BDI has international partnership with companies, like Analog Devices, along with national partnership of four universities, like DCU. The advances made here are internationally recognized. The main hub for the BDI is conveniently located on the DCU campus, which means the research opportunities for students looking to get into this field are great! After spending two years working in a healthcare laboratory, I knew it was time to broaden my horizons but wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. I chose to get my Masters in Biomedical Diagnostics through DCU to expand my skill set and take advantage of their partnership with the BDI for research opportunities.

“It is reassuring to know your degree will be well respected globally.”

Welcoming atmosphere

The idea of arriving at a foreign university not knowing anyone or where your classes are can be terrifying. It’s important to feel like you are not alone and that help is just around the corner when you need it. That is exactly the atmosphere DCU has, and it starts as early as the application and enrollment process. The International Office at DCU is great for welcoming in international students with lots of informative seminars, campus tours, and social mixers for students to get to know each other before classes start. But this hospitality extends to the campus itself, as the Student Union and representatives are always around to answer any questions or to help point someone in the right direction. There are so many clubs, societies, and sports teams that a student can join at DCU, making friends and becoming part of the community is so easy. And don’t forget about your classmates! From day one, my classmates have given me the warmest of welcomes and really gone out of their way to make this experience the best it could be (thanks guys!).

There is nothing that I would change about my decision of studying abroad at Dublin City University. This experience has given me nothing but new outlooks on life, and the world. I’ve seen incredible things and met even more incredible people. The friends I’ve made through studying abroad are friends I hope to have for a lifetime. I encourage everyone to follow their dreams and take the risk. It is totally worth it!

“It is beyond a doubt that all our knowledge begins with experience.” Immanuel Kant

Interested in studying abroad? Visit the Education in Ireland website for more information.