Xuefei is our Chinese Ambassador and an accounting student at MU and in this blog, she shares the three main reasons why she’s so fond of Maynooth University….

The first thing I love about Maynooth University is my course structure. As an accounting student, I have found that MU provides very professional courses in the accounting field and the University offers a series of accounting-related courses which are practical and advance with the times. The structure of the course is great and varied. We have different types of classes including lectures; tutorials; labs and workshops. This means students have the opportunity to gain knowledge but also use these skills practically, applying what we’ve learned in class.

The second reason I love it here is the people. Maynooth University is such a nice place, where both the staff and students are all friendly. Our University has lots of departments which genuinely care about student life and their studies. We have a Student Service Centre and a Student Health Centre, and the International Office helps all international students deal with plenty of issues.

Last but not least, the location of the University is fantastic. I enjoy a peaceful life in this historic town, but I can still explore a colourful city life at the weekend as Dublin is situated just 25km east of Maynooth.

In addition to the three reasons above, there are many other aspects. It is a University that I love very much, and I am happy to be part of the Maynooth University community.