Getting involved with clubs and societies while studying abroad in Ireland is a great way to integrate into college life. Shilpika Kotina, our Indian and National College of Ireland ambassador gives us three great reasons to sign up…

Irish colleges and universities are home to clubs and societies for just about every interest, from the weird and wonderful to the eccentric and unique. And while the obvious reason to join clubs and societies is the impression it leaves on your social life, there are plenty more benefits…

Making friends

It goes without saying that clubs and societies provide ample opportunities to interact with peers and foster healthy relationships with adults. Meeting people who share your interest widens your social network beyond your course and the people you live with. But it’s not all about making friends…



Employers are constantly in search of an applicant’s CV that will stand out from others. Getting involved in a college’s club or society or holding an administrative position will help your CV stand out and demonstrate a number of qualities.

There is a famous quote by Babe Ruth which states, “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

Clubs and societies help to develop skills like teamwork, leadership skills and time management skills – all element which increase your chances of employment.

Personal development

For many students a significant part of their college life is their commitment and contribution to clubs and societies, providing opportunities for friendship, social development and personal growth. The clubs and societies within your college paint a picture of what students consider important to themselves, to their place in college, and to their place in the world. Committee membership provides an opportunity to participate in new roles. The leadership roles that are available in the clubs and societies provide a valuable experience that is not generally available to young people.

My experience

I am involved in a few of the clubs and societies, and all have nurtured my management and leadership skills. I am interested in photography but there was no society for this so I was encouraged to start one. NCI helped me create it and manage it as the president of the society, it is now one of the well-recognised and active society on the campus. It’s a big challenge but also an experience which offered a great learning opportunity.

These are my top three reasons to join clubs and societies in your college With the perks of the experience you can benefit from the clubs and societies, it also boosts up your CV. Joining clubs and societies can boost your confidence and leaves an impression of a well-rounded individual.

And remember, if the club or society you want to join doesn’t exist you can always create one!

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