Join our student ambassador Marcello Pereira in empowering educators: bridging Brazil and Ireland, fostering leadership and mentoring skills for a brighter future in education.

One example of an outstanding partnership that is qualifying teachers from different parts of Brazil is the diploma in Mentoring and Leadership offered by Mary Immaculate College through a partnership between the Brazilian government represented by CAPES (Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) and the Irish government represented by the International Officer of MIC. The year 2023 marked the second edition of this outstanding initiative and a third edition was already announced. This diploma certainly has a tremendous impact on boosting the leadership skills of Brazilian teachers. It is also an opportunity for Ireland lecturers and other people involved with education in Ireland to learn from the Brazilian students. 

Reflecting on education and constantly reading about new pedagogics should be a part of everyone involved in education. Investing in education and training is crucial for enhancing leadership and mentoring skills. Undoubtedly, the Emerald Isle has made significant investments in promoting better education. Everyone involved in education must stay up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies and the most recent discussions on education, mentoring, and leadership. In addition, Ireland has taken good initiatives in this regard, and Brazil has implemented policies that promote the continued education of teachers. In a similar vein, Ireland offers several courses to teachers who aspire to become better leaders.  

Marcello Pereira is studying Mentoring and Leadership at Mary Immaculate College via Education in Ireland.