From its gorgeous campus and supportive International Office to the wide range of courses on offer, Lindsay gives us five solid reasons to choose the University of Limerick as your study abroad destination…

As an international student I have thought about what attracted me to first choose to study at UL and what has made me love it even more. This is by no means an all inclusive list but here are my top five reasons to study abroad at the University of Limerick…

Responsive International Office and Departments

Beginning a new life journey can be a daunting adventure. When I first began looking at international programs I don’t know how many universities I emailed, some with very little interest in their response and some with no response at all! It makes you feel like you’re not valued. But when I sent a message to the University of Limerick I got a response within 2 days if not the day of sending. The response time has been fantastic and the International Office is always willing to help with anything you may need prior to arrival and through the course of your stay in UL.

My course of study

Deciding to pursue a master’s degree gave me the opportunity to study and live outside the US for year. I chose Ireland because I had vacationed here before and knew that I wanted to come back. Finding the right course and university was all it took. After the positive and fast responsiveness of the international office I made the decision to study International Entrepreneurship Management. The main draw for me was the affordability of the course and the short length of time to complete. It was cheaper for me to study in another country than my own and receive my master’s degree in a shorter amount of time!

Beautiful and environmentally friendly campus

Pictures of the UL campus online don’t do them justice. The campus is spread out but it’s beautiful to walk through with all the greenery and trees spread throughout. The Living Bridge is beautiful to see at night and if you ever feel like talking advantage of the rare sunny day you should walk one of the many paths that go through forests or along the river. It’s so serene and ideal for taking you away to another place when you just can’t focus on studying anymore!

Amazing clubs & societies

The variety of clubs and societies on campus and the activities that each makes available to its members is just astonishing! Most will subsidise trips to take members around Ireland and some even go internationally! It’s also a great way to make new friends and immerse yourself into the university and Irish culture.

The chance to make friends before you even arrive

If you’re an international student and have the opportunity to be in the the UL buddy program, take it! I met one of my good friends through the program as my buddy. When I was preparing to leave home and I needed to know what to bring, where to go and how to get to UL she was an invaluable resource.

It’s far from extensive but I feel like these are the parts of my stay here at the University of Limerick that has really made me glad that this was ultimately the university I chose.

Interested in studying abroad in Ireland? Visit the Education in Ireland website for more information.