Ronald Saraswat, a Taught Master’s student in Science from India, shares some of the benefits he’s discovered while studying abroad at NUI Galway…

It’s one of the original Queen’s colleges

…NUIG offers dedicated faculties who are among the best in their fields.

Established in 1845, with a history to reckon with NUIG ranks among the top 2% (top 250) of worldwide universities. Among other perks, you’ll find a mixed blend of people from varied international backgrounds, excellent communities, societies and student clubs to join, a scenic campus alongside the Corrib River. I wonder where else would you find such an elegant environment to study within a reasonable fee structure? The facilities provided combined with the academic excellence, and among the best graduate employability rates in Ireland, NUIG offers dedicated faculties who are among the best in their fields.

Great student life

As an international student, one seeks to go to a places that are friendly, welcoming and alive. NUI Galway has been awarded the Excellent International Student Satisfaction Award and moved top 200 for most International Universities worldwide which is a great achievement. The winner for European Capital of Culture 2020 title, you’ll find the friendliest of people to share your study time with, explore the surrounding areas, get to know the history, either if you are a party person or a lone traveller, Galway has it all for you so that after the hard study work you can replenish yourself in your free time.

Research based learning

As a science student, I sought after a university which focuses on real world outcomes of the study that we do, after all that is what matters the most in the end. I found out that NUIG tops as an expert research-led University in many sectors in national research initiatives which include but are not limited to just science but humanities, social sciences, computational informatics and environment, as well many other departments. So, if you are looking forward for a research based academic career, this can be your stepping stone.

Affordable living

Galway being a micro city, is cheaper in terms of living expenses as compared to Dublin and other major cities worldwide. As it is smaller, you don’t need to shell out major chunks of money to explore different parts, but rather can take a walk around city and feel connected to people whom you will know about and be in touch with, also being a tourist hub, there is always something happening in the town so you can be a part of a lot of things and your time in Galway, will be memorable for your lifetime. Don’t forget the famous Galway Christmas Market.

The Wild Atlantic Way

It is the most scenic drives around Europe and down south from Ring of Kerry to the great vast ranges and lakes of Connemara your weekend escape all connects through Galway. You will be in the centre of it all and you may take it just through a bus connecting it all or hire your own ride and go explore the wilderness the poems have been writing about since decades.

GOT & Vikings

All may not connect to this, but I am a great fan of TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Vikings’, and to my surprise I got to know, that both connect to the Irish history, and many of the scenes and sets are located in Ireland. Wonder why Lenisters and Leincasters sounds the same? you may research more about it on web.


Being a music enthusiast, what a lovely city would it be for a music lover to be studying in, shop street is filled with live performances day in and out and during evenings a brilliant music scene is happening in world famous Irish Pubs and Bars, filled with brilliant artists, famous for their fresh pint of Guinness like nowhere else in the world among other renowned Crafts as well. Galway is best known for exploring Irish culture in its best, and you would be welcome with all the heart.


Before coming here, I have got to know that it rains a lot, probably most of the time of the year in Galway, but I love Rains, so be it. As per my experience, it hasn’t rained this year a lot, I might be Lucky! But anyhow, trust me, when it snows, it’s so beautiful, a sight to behold. I have never seen snow before in my life before coming to Galway but here I am and my wish was fulfilled this year.

Check out my video of snow in NUIG


A range of food shops offering food from all over the world, from Milano offering Italian food to Kumar’s and Kashmir offering Indian delights, you ask it Galway has it, and if you want to try pure Gaelic Cuisine remember, there’s a reason Oyster Festival takes place in Galway!

Cliffs of Moher

Could it be better? Most know about it already so am not going to talk about it much.

Harry, is that you?

The feel of the Hogwarts, hehe, for that check out one of the Oldest building in NUIG, the Quadrangle, can you connect ? No, what about Lord of the Rings? We also have a PotterSoc arranging Quidditch matches in the university and intraversities as well. Come join us.

All in all, I cherish being a part of this University, it was my first choice as a higher education destination, and am delighted to have been offered a place. What do you feel about NUIG? Share in the comments below, and thanks for reading.