Like any new country, Ireland can be tricky to get your head around if you’ve never been before. Busra Deniz, Student Ambassador from Turkey, has a few top tips to make coming to Ireland a walk in the park!

As the famous Irish writer James Joyce said about Ireland: “I haven’t met any foreigners here. There are only friends.” If you’re not sure what he means here now, you will understand after spending just one day in Ireland. The Irish people are so welcoming and make you feel right at home but, there are some things you should be aware of before making the move…

Pack you umbrella! (photo: Simages from Pexels)

Before coming 

Umbrellas are indispensable. Ireland is famous for its beautiful landscape but the weather tends to be quite unpredictable. You may not see it pouring rain but it does rain, and often. I recommend that you take a small and light umbrella that can fit in your bag and take it with you whatever the weather. Your raincoat will also be an absolute saviour. It will protect you against both the light wind in the evening and against rain. Some raincoats can be both a practical and light option that you can just fold up and put in your bag. 

Socket entries are different in Ireland. Therefore, you can buy socket converters suitable for Ireland from your home country. You can find these converters everywhere in Ireland of course, but it is a good idea to bring one with you in case you need it on the first night and you cannot go out.  

If you have medicines that you use regularly or that you think you may need, bring them with you. You may not be able to find the same medicine here, or they may ask you for a prescription for the medicine you can buy at home without a prescription. Also, when bringing medication, do not forget to take the prescriptions of the medication with you for airport control. 


In Ireland, the weather can be quite variable during the summer months. Sometimes it is very hot, sometimes breezy and sometimes rainy. In order to be prepared, always wear a few layers you can take off or put on. A t-shirt, shirt, and a thin jacket combination would work perfectly here. 

Don’t forget your portable charger! (photo: agrobacter)

There are many places to explore in Ireland. Especially if you love nature and sports, you should definitely take a good pair of shoes with you. A shoe that does not let the rain too much and is suitable for long walks in nature is ideal. If you spend a lot of time on the phone and you also love to take pictures – like me, you will definitely need an extra bit of battery life to take those amazing photos of Ireland. A portable charger can save lives on your long and beautiful trips. 

I hope these tips serve you well during your time in Ireland and remember, take it all in and enjoy!

Busra is doing an MSc in Business Management at Dublin City University.