Knowing what documents you need to apply for when moving to a new country can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully though, in his new blog Student Ambassador Peng Ge tells us the most important documents that you need when moving to Ireland. Handy!

As a new international student in Ireland, the documents that you must apply for after entering are: a GNIB, bank account and card, Student Leap card, and a PPSN. 



This card is proof of long-term residence in Ireland, and also an identification document that must be checked at the immigration office when entering and leaving Ireland while studying in Ireland 

How to apply: First-time registration: If you are resident in Dublin and wish to register a permission for the first time, call Freephone 1800 741741.  

What you need: Passport, Offer & Proof of Tuition Fee Payment or Certificate of Attendance (school), Bankcard (need to pay €300, can’t accept cash)

GNIB card (photo: Peng Ge)

Bank Card 

There are two main banks in Ireland: AIB and Bank of Ireland, just choose one. 

How to apply: AIB needs to make an offline appointment for offline processing; Bank of Ireland – submit materials online for review and processing. 


What you need: Passport, Offer & Proof of Tuition Fee Payment or Certificate of Attendance (school), Proof of residential address. 


AIB card (photo: Peng Ge)

Bank of Ireland card (photo: Peng Ge)







Student Leap Card

This card gives you a student discount on transport in Ireland, and in some retailers too. 

How to apply: You need to fill in the application information online and pay the fee. All schools have a place to pick up the bus card. 

Student Leap Card (photo: Peng Ge)


PPSN & Card

This card and number is required if you want to work or do part-time. You will not be able to work without one so it is very important!

How to apply: Log on to the website to apply for a PPSN number. After the application is successful, you can go to to make an appointment to apply for a physical card with a PPSN number. 

What you need: Passport

PPSN card (photo: Peng Ge)


Peng Ge (Eric) is pursuing a Marketing and Retail Innovation degree at UCD’s Smurfit Graduate Business School.