Passionate about Computer Science but not sure where to study? Our ambassador from India, Kapil Patil tells us that University College Cork is the perfect place to get started.

Is UCC the right place to study Computer Science?

Yes!! I put so much thought into which university I would attend. I searched high and low, all over the internet, and spoke to countless people to get as much information as possible before making my decision. I had applied for other universities in Ireland as well as in the USA but, in the end, UCC was the clear winner and, I am so happy that I accepted my place here.


For those who may not already know, Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland after Dublin. In 1912, Cobh in County Cork was the Titanic’s last port of call before heading out on its fateful journey into the Atlantic. It is a vibrant city that is rich in history. Cork is an ideal city to live in as it is not as overpopulated or as expensive to live in compared to Dublin. The city is smaller, but you definitely won’t feel isolated or have any concerns about personal safety. You also won’t feel alone as there are so many other international students living in the city and studying in UCC and CIT. If you love to party and meet new people there are so many pubs, bars and nightclubs to explore. The nightlife in Cork is pretty decent and there is always something going on. You are guaranteed to find everything you need in Cork and the smaller size of the city makes it easy to navigate. For those who love to shop the Wilton and Mahon Point shopping centres are the places to indulge in some retail therapy.

montage of scenes from around Cork including a street at night, a snow covered street in winter and a line of shot glasses on a bar containing dark liquid

Seeing the sights and vibrant nightlife in Cork city

University College Cork

UCC is ranked in the top five best universities in Ireland. The university focuses a lot on research and entrepreneurship and is always encouraging students to look for something new and interesting and to be creative and innovative. There is a wide mix of Irish and international students studying in various fields. The large student population ensures that the campus is always lively and happening! One interesting fact I discovered about UCC is that George Boole, the inventor of Boolean Algebra, was the professor of mathematics at Queen’s College (now University College Cork) during the 19th Century.

There are so many different clubs and societies to join too. With events running all throughout the year you can join other students with like-minded interests such as technology, art, film and adventure sports. This is a great way to meet new friends. Like most other international students, I am a member of the International Society. Here there are weekly events that have been so much fun to experience — so far there has been Speed Friendship nights, Traffic Light parties, movie nights, Silent Disco and Latino dance parties.

montage of scenes from UCC including old buildings, students gathered around newer architecture and the interior of a hall

UCC campus

Msc Computer Science

If my recommendations are still not enough to persuade you why not hear from some of the other students on my course:

 “I am a Masters student in Computing Science at University College Cork (UCC). I came to the university with a lot of expectations and I must say that I was not disappointed. The course is quite practical in its approach and is pretty up to date with the continuously changing technologies out there. I am learning things like how to build and deploy applications on AWS, how do search engines work, developing Android and iOS applications, developing Bigdata programs and using the latest technologies like Docker. Even though there are a huge number of assignments and exams and the course schedule is pretty stringent, I also understand that it is necessary. The professors are pretty flexible. They are open minded and always encourage original thought. I am really enjoying being a Comp. Science student here at UCC.” 

Akhilesh Bhatia, MSc Computing Science Student 2018-19 

3 years’ experience in Web Development

 “MSc Computing science at UCC covers a broad range of topics like software development, software design, mobile applications, Databases, Networks and Security.  It does not offer a specialization in a specific area like AI. The quality of professors here is among the best in Ireland. The programme focuses on the fundamentals of computer science and is theoretical as well as practical in nature. The employment prospects are very bright as the university has impressive connections within the industry.

Chetan Umale, MSc Computing Science Student 2018-19

2 years’ experience in Database Technologies

 The MSc in Computing Science at UCC is a one year intensive course.  It offers students a high class education with a personalised programme of advanced CS modules to enhance our knowledge and fit our strengths.  The aim of the course is to provide us with the skills required to understand the entrepreneurship and innovation required in the software industry. Furthermore, students deepen their research and practical skills through a project and dissertation.”

Rohit Badgujar, MSc Computing Science Student 2018-19

3 years’ experience in software Development

I really hope that has convinced you now that UCC is the ideal place to study Computer Science. As you can see it is not just my opinion and other international students are giving glowing recommendations. Should you have any other questions about the course, please leave me a comment below.