Student Ambassador Chidiebere understands the importance of compassion and embracing diversity in today’s modern world! In his first blog, he gives an insightful run-down of his journey to becoming a well-rounded and distinguished student as he enters the modern world…

Introducing, me!


Letterkenny Institute of Technology (photo: Chidiebere)


If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with relocating to Ireland, don’t worry, you’re on track to greatness! My name is Chidiebere Somadina Ike from Nigeria and I am currently a Master’s student in Computing in Artificial Intelligence Research at Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT). As an international student in Ireland, my primary aim is to springboard my career growth in the advanced manufacturing industry or related disciplines and LYIT is a perfect fit. However, having journeyed through a fulfilling winter semester, I feel the need to share informative experiences about living, studying as well as what I love about Ireland.  




What I love about Ireland 

One of Ireland’s amazing beaches (photo: Chidiebere)

As an English-speaking country, Ireland has an academic legacy that meets the needs of a competitive economy. For me, stepping onto Irish soil for the first time felt like a home away

from home. It is a difficult emotion to describe; the Irish people are renowned for their deep-rooted cultural values and welcoming charm, which contributed to my adaptability to Ireland’s student life and love for the country. Furthermore, the ambiance of its surroundings and stunning sceneries leaves a lasting impression and unforgettable memories in my heart. I fell in love with the guaranteed hospitality here. 


My initial fears about relocating to Ireland, student life, and setting in…

Rockpools (photo: Chidiebere)

Honestly, despite being used to international travel, the thought of coming into Ireland from Nigeria made me nervous for weeks! I was wondering how I would survive? Who will I meet? Will I be able to get a job to meet my needs as a student? It was all a big puzzle, and I had no

idea of how to unravel it. Surprisingly though, all of my worries vanished three weeks after my arrival! I owe a lot of this to the student job that I got in Penney’s Letterkenny alongside the immense support received from other students, lecturers, LYIT International, careers office, the institution, alumni, and many more. The people are welcoming and always willing to assist you. Students enjoy a dynamic learning environment paved with cutting-edge technologies and with the extensive engagement of industry partners. LYIT looks out for their students and provides means to navigate the industry by sharing relevant information as it relates to potential job availability and life after studies which made me feel a sense of belonging more than I have ever felt in my life as a student. Coming to Ireland was the best life-changing decision for me, and I know I am not here by chance but for a purpose, to grow into a mountain, and not to sink to a grain of sand. 


Stunning views (photo: Chidiebere)



Personal growth and development

It is worthy to mention that outside my academic duties, sport and volunteering have allowed me to reinvent myself here in Ireland. These have never been a big part of my life, but by engaging actively in various volunteering groups, sports such as football, basketball, badminton, and chess games I have grown so much. It is so much fun. These activities have significantly contributed to my success, satisfaction and strengthened my development skills during my study abroad experience.


Basketball at LYIT (photo: Chidiebere)


My journey so far 

The world as a global entity comprises people with differences in religion, language, race, socio-economic groups, and cultures. It has become imperative that we understand, embrace each other and build strong alliances and friendships.  After spending months adjusting and adapting to life in Ireland, I can confidently say that I have found my distinctive niche here. Conclusively, Ireland is the home of self-actualisation from a personal, social, professional, and academic perspective, and has a community spirit that stimulates these desirable changes. I am so happy to be here and to share my adventure, which hopefully encourages other potential students around the globe to choose Ireland as their study destination. I now have what it takes to thrive in modern industries and go beyond the ordinary to deliver the perceived impossible in my quest for excellence into the world of futuristic technology, achieving groundbreaking discoveries. 


Embracing the journey (photo: Chidiebere)


Chidiebere is pursuing a Master’s in Computing and Artificial Intelligence Research at LYIT