In this video, Canadian and NUI Galway Ambassador Haley Myatt shares with us an insider’s view on her program: LLM in International Human Rights

As you’ll hear me say in the video, this program has been rewarding and challenging at the same time. If you were to have asked me three years ago if I saw myself pursuing a LLM in International Human Rights, I wouldn’t have believed you.

One great thing about studying international law is that within itself, it is multidisciplinary. You can take classes that range from Business in Human Rights to Children’s Rights; Peace Support Operations to International Criminal Law; and Humanitarian Law to Refugee Protection. The range of the classes have helped me customize my degree into one that I am truly passionate about.

In my eyes, a degree in international human rights isn’t just a degree… it’s the stepping stones towards a career path of change making. Perhaps it can be the stepping stones for you to.

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