What’s the story?! Puteri Syamin Shariffudin, our Malaysian Ambassador, sits down with some of her fellow Dublin Business School international students and tries her hand at some Irish phrases and slang…

I got a little help from my friends in college to produce this video and I think it turned out hilarious! If you’ve never met an Irish person before, it’s not always going to be easy for you to understand what they’re trying to say in English. Different terms have different meanings here!

During my first year here, I kept on asking my lecturer to repeat what he/she said in class as I didn’t understand their accent. After a while, I started to understand what they said only because I have Irish friends that helped me! Even though Ireland is an English-speaking country, their English is different in my point of view. Weird? I know.

You can hear from the video that my friends — Ruairi and James — have a different kind of accents as they are from different counties in Ireland. They taught Emma and I to learn the Irish way as well as some Gaelic (Irish) and to make it more fun, we made it as a challenge. Watch until the end and see who won the challenge!

Learning the Irish English language is so interesting! If you’re planning on coming to Ireland, my advice is that make lot of friends with Irish people — you’re here for a lot of reasons and one of them is to learn embrace the culture and people!