Join our Student Ambassador Chenlu Lin as she explores the enriching experience of studying and living abroad!

Hello, my name is Chenlu Lin from China, this is my third year in Ireland, so I have a lot of experience to share with you. If you prefer the green, the sea, or the fairy tale world of the wizard forest, Ireland can satisfy you; If you prefer a long history and a strong first-class academic education, Ireland’s universities can satisfy you.  


Ireland has excellent universities and educational institutions that provide high-quality education. Many Irish universities enjoy an excellent international reputation, and the education system focuses on academic research and practical experience. Ireland provides you with high-quality educational content, and your efforts are also very important. Completing the preview, study, and review will make you better. This is also reflected in my 1.1 results so far. 

 Paying attention to some activities in your area of study and attending them will help you gain more. As I reflect upon my achievement as the winner of the National Accounting Competition and my passion for accounting, I want to share my Mental journey with guys. During the ten-week competition, I faced weekly updated questions that pushed me to apply my finance, accounting, and management knowledge to real-world scenarios. I meticulously managed my time, further expanding my knowledge through extensive reading of related articles. Initially, my ranking on the leaderboard was not notable. However, with unwavering perseverance and effective time management, I steadily progressed and with a final surge of effort and expertise, I proudly emerged as the ultimate winner, claiming the coveted first place in the competition. This accomplishment was a testament to my hard work, patience, and the depth of my finance knowledge. Winning the competition has instilled in me an immense sense of pride, bolstering my confidence. It serves as a constant reminder that with dedication and perseverance, I can overcome any challenge. 


The landscape of Ireland is a pastoral beauty that makes people quiet in their hearts. The Irish people are relatively simple and friendly. Perhaps it is this exquisite living environment and culture that makes it easier for people to find a sense of belonging in a strange country. I remember that when I returned to China this summer, I had three big luggage that were very difficult to push. An Irish sister who was passing by took the initiative to help me, which warmed my heart. 

Life here is very convenient. There are supermarkets everywhere, allowing you to get what you want quickly. Here is a small tip for everyone. You can download the apps of each supermarket and save points to offset the money. There will be send coupon every week so you can reduce living costs. In your free time, you can play sports with friends, watch movies, and go to different towns to experience beautiful nature. This will make you feel relaxed and happy. 

So come and experience the beauty of studying and living in Ireland now! 

Chenlu Lin is studying BA(Hons) in Accounting student at Technology University of the Shannon via Education in Ireland.