Interested in Mechatronics Engineering? Read about Yew Chuan Lim’s student experience at IT Sligo to learn more about this exciting discipline…

Mechatronics combines mechanical, electronic, robotic and software engineering systems commonly used in major, modern manufacturing industries. In this blog, I’m going to share my student experience as a Malaysian study abroad student on the BEng in Mechatronics Bachelor Degree at IT Sligo.

I am from Penang, Malaysia and previously completed a Diploma in Microelectronics Engineering. Currently, I am enrolled on Year 3 of the BEng in Mechatronics (NFQ Level 7) Bachelor Degree here at IT Sligo. How did this become a reality? Put simply the academic staff at IT Sligo completed a ‘mapping’ exercise to ensure the learning outcomes I achieved during my Diploma studies in Malaysia matched those contained in the first two years of the BEng in Mechatronics. Once they confirmed there was no need for me to complete any bridging or alignment studies, I was ready for my study abroad experience in Ireland at IT Sligo!

At first I was still worried about my own ability to adapt to a new country and my new learning environment. The small class sizes ensure I have easy access to my lecturers, whilst the program is very well-designed and very hands-on with weekly academic quizzes and lab practical’s scheduled to test both our theoretical and applied skill-set. The program also contains a lot of robotics content, which I absolutely love.

Some of the main subject matter areas covered by my program include:

  • Instrumentation & Control
  • Robotics
  • Industrial Data Communications
  • Pneumatics
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Controls Systems
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Machine Design

All of the above will equip me well for a promising career in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, electronic, food processing and manufacturing sectors.

Check out this cool video clip on studying Mechatronics here in Sligo:

Why study Mechatronics at IT Sligo?

  • At IT Sligo you can choose to study as a part-time (online) or as a full-time student. If you miss a lecture in real time, don’t worry! You still can login to the college intranet to listen and watch the recorded podcast.
  • You can virtually control the lab computers suite at IT Sligo remotely from your own home PC to complete your assignments. Students can use licensed software to do their work from their home PC. The best part – the software does not need to be installed on your home PC.
  • Weekly on-line quizzes and lab practical’s test our theoretical & practical knowledge.
  • Lab reports can also be submitted on-line.
  • Our Year 3 project kit components are all paid for by IT Sligo. We simply order our project kit materials on-line from our assigned lab technicians.
  • Excellent notes and reading materials are made available to all students via an on-line learning resource.
  • We also get to use the very latest simulation and software technology (e.g. MATLAB, Siemens S7, Lookout, LabVIEW, CIROS Robotics, Packet Tracer, Multisim).

Find out more about BEng in Mechatronics course at IT Sligo 

IT Sligo provides me with a very supportive and flexible learning environment. The BEng in Mechatronics at IT Sligo employs all the very latest industry standard technologies and is recognised worldwide. As for me, I’ve enrolled in the BEng (Hon) in Mechatronics (NFQ Level 8) Degree for this term!

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