Avantika Singh, our Student Ambassador from India, has spent the last year getting familiar with the Irish lifestyle, culture and education system. In her third piece on our blog, she tells us everything to expect from a Master’s degree in Ireland. Taking into account the changes that occurred over the last year or so in terms of how lectures are carried out, Avantika has a good grasp of the Irish system and loves it!

Brilliantly tailored online course structure 

Yeah! It isn’t new anymore! We are all well settled into the online world and just like every other life experience it has its own pros and cons and one must use their own skills to make the most of what we’ve got! Meanwhile, the universities in Ireland have proven to create one of the best online education systems in the world helping students achieve beyond their expectations! 

Easy access to everything!!! 

Be it your course sub-module professors, thesis professor, new fellow students or the enormous variety of online literature required for your course; the online transition has made it unbelievably easy to contact anyone and make the best of all the resources around you owning to that tiny system connected to the web at your fingertips.

Online learning (phot: Weedezign via Canva)

Interestingly unique modes of testing 

The online transition of education has been challenging for the education industry to prove that they are truly providing the professional industry with the quality professionals they promise to deliver. This has driven them to create new testing mechanisms which measure students not only on their career specialisation but also their overall standing as an individual in terms of communication, networking and most importantly innovation! 

Picture-perfect grading system 

The education system in Ireland does not believe in differentiating students based on high or low numbers on their scorecards. It focuses on self-growth rather than comparison; allowing students to take a break from the race they have been taught to run in from the beginning and absorb the knowledge they are surrounded with. 

Grade-A system (photo: canbedone via Canva)

Freedom to organise yourself 

The, not so new, online world comes with one obvious advantage of being able to choose how and even when one wants to attend their lectures and create more time for self-building and excelling in your domain of strength. 

The good news: Abundance of opportunities 

The years 2020/2021 brought a lot of uncertainties for aspiring young professionals deciding whether or not to pursue higher studies! This has now created a gap between the requirement and the availability of trained professionals with the former being significantly higher and leaving behind a hungry market ready to pick anyone with something moderately distinctive to contribute. 

The fun bit: The serenity of uncrowded beautiful Irish streets and scenery 

Imagine a tiny village back home with moderately narrow streets bordered by the spacious pavements for cyclists and yet another one for the active pedestrians further nestled by local and international stores set up within well-preserved old historic architecture. Universities spread throughout an entire town creating an ambience of a culturally divergent yet harmonic society making it a homely experience, surrounded by different types of water bodies and forestry. 

The year 2021 in Ireland, is the most promising year for any and every self-driven individual and it warmly welcomes YOU! 

Avantika is doing an MSc in Data Science and Analytics at Maynooth University.