“It is all about applying the theory you learn to the real world”, says Farah, our Jordanian Student Ambassador…

The Business Studies degree offered in DCU is unique as it requires students not just to read and learn off theories, but allows them look beyond the textbook. It gives students the chance to look at how the written theory is applied in the real world as the course requires its students to go out and actually demonstrate what they have learned in class. The following are some examples of the modules where this was applied as part of the continuous assessment.

Human Resources Management

In this module, students are required to interview two professionals who are successful in a particular area of student interest. This project gave us the opportunity to explore skills needed for specific jobs or positions.

Financial Markets

Throughout this module students are expected to look and read about what was happening with the stock and exchange market at that time. I found this module to be very interesting as it encouraged me to actually learn more about different economies and companies.

Digital Innovation

Through a number of semi-conferences in this module, we had the opportunity to get tips from successful and well-known entrepreneurs about starting and running a successful business. Believe it or not, but during first year we also had to invent a business-related video game and market it to the real world. This makes me wonder, if we did that during the first year, what other exciting challenges and assignments are ahead of us?

The course is suitable for people who like to learn by doing things, proactive and open to learning through different methods that extends beyond just a textbook.

These are just some examples of the modules and assignments involved but in general, almost all modules offered in this course are just as interesting and exciting. Lets not forget the fact that in order to be successful in the business field, there are a range of skills that you must have. One of the most important is communication skills, something that is developed in different ways throughout the duration of this course in group projects, presentations and discussion classes. In the real world, you can’t expect yourself to be successful in the business field if you are not brave enough to stand up and voice your opinion or project your ideas. This is why this is a great opportunity for you to enhance your communication skills and confidence as you get to work with people that you probably have never met before. This may sound awkward or scary in the beginning, especially if you are an international student, however, overtime you will be able to get over that feeling.

This course exposes its students to the real world by offering the option of doing INTRA, which is a full year work placement.

INTRA gives students the opportunity to step into the real world, work, get paid and get a sense of the business environment while enhancing and developing a range of skills and expanding connections. This means you will graduate with one full year of experience which sounds like a great opportunity for everyone, especially international students. This is due to the fact that Ireland is home to many headquarters such as Microsoft, Facebook, Paypal and Apple. Imagine what it would be like to go back to your home country after graduating, not with just a bachelors degree from a well qualified and recognised university, but also with a year of work experience in your field! Sounds like a great opportunity, doesn’t it? As not all universities offer this great opportunity to their students.

Over the past two years in DCU, I’ve really come to understand what it means to be a business studies graduate from DCU. I’ve seen first-hand the different opportunities they offer and how unique this program is. DCU is building a strong army of entrepreneurs by shaping and plotting the dots to our success path through providing a strong fundamental base and great opportunities. DCU also creates an exciting and enthusiastic atmosphere to learn, develop your skills and grow into a brighter individual who is curious and eager to learn.

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