Student Ambassador Yunjia Chen explores the hidden gems of Cork for leisure activities during university days. Discover the best spots for relaxation, exploration, and fun in this vibrant city. Join Yunjia’s adventure and make the most of your time in Cork!

Where can I go in my leisure time whilst I’m in Cork for university

Hello, my name is Yunjia Chen and I am a Master’s student from China studying at UCC. It’s been four months since I moved to Cork, so let’s see what fascinating places to visit in my leisure time~

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral

Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, the closest to UCC, is certainly a must-see. It was designed by William Burges, an avid follower of 13th-century French Gothic architecture, and features 2 lovely rose windows and over 1000 statues.

When you visit this cathedral, you will be met by a friendly staff member who will gladly explain the church’s significant relation to Cork and UCC. They will also show you the fascinating mosaic bird murals as well as the ancient pipe organ. They won’t let you out until all your questions are answered!

Remember! Students with a UCC student card get it free! In addition, ask the staff at the door for the weekly organ times and enjoy music from hundreds of years ago!


Cork Citi Gaoi

Are you interested in historical prisons? Do you want to see all of the odd penalties? This old Cork prison, erected in the nineteenth century, is a good option.

You can walk through each cell and learn the stories of their former lives, some of which are full of drama.

Don’t let the incredibly lifelike faces of some of the dolls frighten you~


Shandon Bell&Tower st anne’s church

Want to climb the tower and get a bird’s-eye view of Cork? Tower St Anne’s Church and Shandon Bell should not be missed!

The church is one of the oldest churches in the city built in 1722. You can begin by looking at the church from the bottom floor. Then, the staff will provide you with a pair of earplugs to wear while you carefully ascend the 132 stairs to a height of 36.65 meters above the ground and take in the 360-degree vista surrounding you.

Be aware that the staircase leading up to the bell tower is steep and narrow, and you even have to tread on a wooden plank halfway up. So keep in mind to avoid wearing white or easily spottable apparel and to put on a pair of cosy running shoes.

Take in the sights of Cork from the tower by standing up there! Also lovely for outside photographs in the sun!



English Market

The English Market is a location with numerous fresh products and little presents for sale where Queen Elizabeth II once paid a visit.

On the market’s first floor, you can drink afternoon tea and eat a sweet or savoury cake while taking in the action going on there.

The market offers a wide range of cheeses, hams, spices, honey and more, making it a great choice for yourself or as a gift for a friend!


Why are you holding out? Bring your buddies and join the fun!

Yunjia is studying Digital Arts and Humanities at University College Cork