Hue Linh Duong, our ambassador hailing from Vietnam, tells us about the Cork Institute of Technology through the lens of another student’s experience.

How to decide

It is well known that university offers a valuable educational opportunity to international students — But how do you decide which university is most suitable for you?

Here I speak to Alison O’Gorman, a 3rd year Marketing student, on why CIT was right for her.

Views of the CIT campus, one with red brick building and the other a grassy areaWhy did you choose your course?

I always had a huge interest in marketing and even in secondary school, I knew I wanted study marketing. I just think it’s an exciting area that’s always changing and growing.

What do you enjoy most about CIT?

I enjoy the small class sizes the most as it is a lot more intimate and you get one on one attention if you need it. I really admire my two lecturers, Lisa Scannell and Holly Barry with whom I have a lot of modules — what they do is fantastic! They’re so well educated, and they know what they’re talking about.

I have also learned great presentation skills — they weren’t my strength in secondary school but I’ve now done it for a few modules in CIT and have really progressed with it.

What do you want to do as a career when you finish college?

I definitely want to pursue a career in marketing and get a job in that field.

CIT Campus

What’s different about CIT?

There is a lot of practical work as part of the course. For example, I recently took part in the final of the CIT brand challenge, where I was competing with my team for a coffee brand, Frank & Honest. It was really great experience.

I don’t know any other colleges that are as practical or hands-on with students. In CIT, we work directly with companies, which I think will really stand to me when applying for jobs after college.

What have been your best memories of CIT?

All the friends that I’ve made as well as the brand challenge competition have been my favourite memories. When I leave CIT, I’ll miss my friends most and will be sad to leave them all and go our separate ways after college.