Student Ambassador Joshua Daniel Muthu Chaiphas chose Ireland for its vibrant music culture, rich heritage, cost-effective education, and stunning landscapes. and Ireland’s friendly pubs and Guinness were a bonus! 

Why Did I Choose to Study in Ireland?

Well, did you know that there are 6,530 pubs and nightclubs in Ireland as of 2022? Did you also know that Guinness beer was brewed, stored, and fermented in Ireland?

Just saying… 😉

Now, before you judge me, I learned that Irish pubs represent a major part of Ireland’s culture. Visiting a pub in Ireland taught me why these social spaces are such an important part of Ireland’s social fabric.

As a musician and an audio engineer by profession, for me, Ireland is a great place to explore the rich musical culture, collaborate with talented people, and create international connections. 

It is well known that some of the world’s famous bands and musicians are from Ireland, such as U2 and Van Morrison. The best part is that you can find exceptionally talented musicians all over the country performing in pubs and on streets. The rich culture that values technology while preserving its heritage has impressed me, and that’s why I chose Ireland.

But there are also many other reasons why I chose Ireland for my master’s degree.

I am currently enrolled in the MSc Sound and Music Computing course at Maynooth University, Co. Kildare. My course is unique and is available only at Maynooth University. This course combines the artistic and creative aspects of music with the technological side of sound and computer science.

Maynooth University’s campus is a blend of modern buildings and heritage architecture, divided between the north and south campuses. The highly talented and industry-famous professors, world-class research, the options for collaborating with other courses in the department, and one of the largest music departments all played a role in why I chose to study in Ireland.

Apart from audio and music, I am also a photographer, traveler, and a nature lover. The beauty of Ireland can’t be adequately explained with words. I’m currently on a challenge to capture portraits of the people I meet and to capture the everyday beauty of Ireland, which you might be walking by on a daily basis without noticing or appreciating. Ireland is a paradise for photographers, nature lovers, and travelers, as there are so many beautiful places to explore, and the best part is that most of them can be accessed by bus or train. This is one of the main reasons I chose Ireland.

At the end of the day, money plays a major role in any decision. The fees in Ireland are comparatively cheaper than in many other countries, such as the UK, Canada, or the US. I would be lying if I said the cost of living is not expensive in Ireland. But it is also important to notice that Ireland is an English-speaking country, and there are plenty of opportunities for part-time jobs that pay well. This not only allows you to manage the cost of living but also save some extra money. The study-life balance is well catered for at the University. Even though finding accommodation can be challenging, you will eventually. Ireland also offers a two-year visa for international students upon graduation, which is very helpful for finding jobs or deciding the next steps in your career.

In short, I chose Ireland as it is cost-effective, provides quality education and international exposure, a rich cultural experience, and the beauty of nature. Also, the pubs and Guinness, maybe? 🙂


Joshua is studying Sound and Music Computing at Maynooth University