Did you know that Ireland is one of the top 5 countries in Europe to study Business Analytics in? Student Ambassador Anjum tells us about the amazing Business Analytics course at NUIG, where she feels she is being equipped with all of the necessary skills to enter the workforce. Keep reading to find out more about the course…

Choosing to study abroad is a hugely challenging decision. This decision involves international students to think through every single step, and often, you have second thoughts about the whole idea! But…when I was applying to NUIG, I never doubted my decision!

Why NUI Galway?

My name is Anjum Agarwal, and I’m a postgraduate student pursuing a degree in Business Analytics from NUI Galway. I have recently been appointed as the Vice Auditor for the Business Analytics Society for the 2021-22 session!

At the Analytics Summit 2021 (photo: Anjum)

I chose this particular course for a few reasons. Not only does it provide amazing job opportunities in data driven jobs, but it also offers such interesting modules that give you real life case studies to work on! This gives you amazing experience and real problem solving skills that

have you ready to enter the industry. The course incorporates new technologies and their vital applications, and also is a great platform to grow teamwork skills as you are divided into groups for all of the projects. Choosing Ireland to study in was also a calculated decision for me. Data states that Ireland is in the top 5 countries to study analytics in, with one of the most robust education systems in Europe. 

The course has amazing modules that grow practical skills which cover topics such as project management and enterprise systems. The lecturers are practicality-oriented and offer real world experiences through their teaching approaches. Seminars are often delivered by business industry experts. This makes the course as interesting as it is both challenging and demanding.

Recently we also had the chance to attend the National Analytics Summit which gave us all extra experience and allowed us to network with industry experts. My course has a great alumni network and database too. After contacting alumni and some of the professors at NUIG through LinkedIn I got much clearer insights into what life at NUIG is like. To apply, you need a Bachelor’s Degree with good grades, a language proficiency certificate, letters of recommendation, and a great motivational statement that notes your enthusiasm and excitement for the course.

More than just school! 

It wasn’t just the amazing course at NUIG that brought me here. The second reason was a strong personal interest in Irish culture. The Irish are a very lively and extremely welcoming people, allowing you to grow personally too from your new experiences. All of the things I’ve mentioned above brought me to Ireland. It required me to take a big step outside of my comfort zone, moving to a new country with a different culture, but I am so glad that I took this step. 

The Education in Ireland blogs also helped me to get the best information straight from students like me! So, thanks to them, here I am experiencing the beginning of the best part of my educational journey, and the beginning of my career… 

Anjum is pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics at NUI Galway.