Before deciding to study in Ireland, Student Ambassador Yifan weighed up all of her options. Where would she go? What would she study? But once her mind was made up, she never looked back! Keep reading to find out why she chose Ireland for her international experience…

I am often asked “Why did you choose to study in Ireland instead of the UK?”. I hope that these reasons can give you some answers!


Due to my desire for career planning, I wanted to change direction to study computer-related majors. After my initial planning, I understood that the computer industry is rapidly developing with great prospects to be found in Ireland! And the country is known as the ‘European Silicon Valley’!


Students can avail of a two-year work visa after graduation! This will be an excellent opportunity for me to secure a good job here, broadening my horizons. 


English is the native language, which is important for me to help improve my English. It is worth mentioning that after Brexit, Ireland is the only country where English is the mother tongue in Europe! This means that I can pay more attention to growing professionally, as I don’t need to focus on learning a new foreign language.

The Programme

When I combined my hobbies with my future career plans, to try and find a suitable major, I found the Interactive Media course in UCC to be particularly suitable for me. It seemed tailor-made, just for me! The quality of teaching in Ireland is very high, so I have great expectations!

Blue skies in the park (photo: Yifan)

I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t like to follow the crowd, I just want to follow my heart. I have good grades, so I had always planned to study at one of the top universities wherever my studies took me! My main wish for my international study experience was to be happy!

 Yifan is studying Interactive Media at University College Cork.