Nigerian student Avura Jerry Ugbomine really did his homework about where to study for his Master’s degree in Computing and Artificial Intelligence. And he really feels Ireland is exactly where he needs to be.

My name is Avura Jerry Ugbomine from Nigeria. I am a master’s degree student in Computing and
Artificial Intelligence at Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) in  Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland.

One of the dreams of every career-focused individual is to obtain quality education in a reputable country and institution. Having the opportunity to secure an international education was something I have always wished for since my undergraduate studies back home in Nigeria. Ireland, specifically, was among the five study destinations I was really keen on (alongside Sweden, Canada, Germany and Australia).  LYIT is a great fit.

Jerry on the LYIT campus

As a graduate of Statistics, I have always aimed to further my studies in a more applied and concentrated area, especially as it relates to Information Technology (IT). I knew that with my statistical background and relevant knowledge, I could fit into courses like Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc. As we all know, global digitalization is a rapidly growing phenomenon that keeps cutting across all nooks and crannies of the earth, with more ideas and innovations being unspooled, especially as the developed world marches into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (also referred to as Technology 4.0) in a bid to make life more meaningful.

AI is vital in today’s rapidly digitising world

This has created room for more knowledge, cutting-edge research and all other forms of educational or academic activities across the globe. Thus, only viable institutions known for good-quality education are deemed fit to undertake this great responsibility. Artificial Intelligence is a vital course that has already started manifesting results in so many areas of human endeavour, especially in the most vital domains of health, finance, media, security, etc.

High-quality education and cutting-edge research

However, as compared to other countries, the cost of studying these practical based IT courses is cheaper in Ireland, even with more study content and quality. There are also many IT-related firms based in Ireland, which enhances career development and opportunities for international
students during and after studying. I was fascinated by the high quality of education and by the
world ranking, cutting-edge research at Ireland Institutions and its global impact, especially in the
technological field. I also wanted to be among well-trained graduates from Irish Institutions who
are in high demanded globally by employers to solve real-world problems.

Indeed, Ireland is the home of self-actualisation – at least mine, in a professional and academic sense.  And I am so happy to be here.