Finding the perfect course at university can be a tough process, but sometimes… everything just falls into place. Student Ambassador Osarugue found her dream degree at MTU, keep reading to follow her journey!

Why Pharmaceutical Science?

My love for science prompted me to venture towards the practice of pharmaceutical science at university. I found out that pharmaceutical science refers to a category of scientific fields, including drug and design, drug action, clinical sciences, drug action, clinical sciences, drugs analysis, pharmacoeconomics, and regulatory affairs. It is the study of how science and technology affect the future of drug manufacturing. I also realised that as a pharmaceutical science student I will be more involved in the research side of the pharmaceutical industry and the development of new drugs. The pharmaceutical science course will give me the opportunity to develop my skills and competence to work as a drug manufacturer, while teaching me how to analyse the discovery of new clinical sciences. 

In my first year as a pharmaceutical science student, I will be taught the core science modules and fundamental practical skills training. At the end of my first year, I will choose to specialise in one of four pharmaceutical science streams. The chosen stream will then be reflected in the title of my degree. The pharmaceutical program will further provide me the opportunity to know significant commonalities across the four streams, with one stream-specific module per semester in the second and third years. Project modules and practical work will also be stream-specific. The primary focus of the degree is on pharmaceutical analysis. Modules include biology, chemistry, analytical techniques & instrumentation, and pharmaceutical science in industry. I also cover mathematics, physics, lab safety, maintaining quality, how to undertake a laboratory project, and general environmental science. 

The final year of my degree course will further enhance my in-depth theoretical knowledge of the major facts, pertinent theories, concepts, and methods employed in the field of pharmaceutical science in my chosen stream. There is also a team research project which will enhance my research and analytical skill ability to work in groups which is of significant benefit to me in the pharmaceutical industry. This pharmaceutical science course is practical based, which will provide me with the laboratory skills sought after by the pharmaceutical industry. The industry remains Ireland’s largest manufacturing sector and continues to go from strength to strength. I will have an acknowledged reputation as an excellent laboratory scientist, well prepared for the challenges of the workplace. 

Studying this course will really give me an edge because the work of pharmaceutical scientists does not just help relatively healthy people maintain their wellbeing; it also gives people with serious illnesses the chance to regain their health. It is, in short, a potentially life-changing career and as a person who loves humanity, I will be glad to see myself go further in my studies at MTU. 

Enjoying life in Ireland (photo: Osarugue)

Why I choose Munster Technological University 

I chose MTU because it is a multi-campus technological university that contributes to the region through the provision of academic programs that supports students’ development and provides amazing opportunities, education, and research facilities. The university was established in January 2021, as a merger of the Cork Institute of Technology and the Institute of Technology, Tralee, and it is one of the biggest technological universities in Ireland, as well as being internationally recognised for high standards.

One of the main reasons why I chose MTU, was the variety of campuses across Cork and Kerry. MTU has six campuses and a student body of 18,000. MTU has a diverse and vibrant international student mix, and has become one of Ireland’s most dynamic student locations. MTU is a great place to work and learn, with modern and affordable student accommodation adjacent to campus. MTU is also known for having one of the best knowledge-based staff. The university assigns each student to a mentor, who draws out their best self, while constantly facilitating the growth of new knowledge and the productive reviews of existing skills. The lecturers in MTU are said to be inventive, highly skilled, and obtain satisfaction in the performance of their students. This augurs well for students and the institution because the best way to measure a good school, is by the excellence of its students/graduates. I have concluded that MTU is the best place for me to finish my undergraduate study, most importantly because it attaches high importance to professional accreditation. 

Osarugue is studying Pharmaceutical Science at MTU.