Phan Anh Nguyen is an international student from Vietnam. He found his perfect course here in Ireland, a Bachelor of Business in Digital Marketing at Athlone IT

Before I came to Ireland, I always wondered what it would be like to study abroad; to live and further my education in a different country and experience a brand new different culture. The more I thought about it, the more I felt this could be an amazing, unforgettable experience!

I first found out about Athlone IT through a family friend whose son has been studying at AIT for two years. I have always wanted to learn about business, social media and communication and when I discovered that AIT offered a course that contained all of these skills – the Bachelor of Business in Digital Marketing – I was delighted. I researched and compared this course with others offered in alternative institutions, but AIT was the only institute that hosted the course that perfectly suited my needs. After much discussions with my parents, I decided to choose AIT as my study abroad destination.

My first impression of Ireland when I got off the plane is how green it is here! There were trees everywhere and it looked truly wonderful. I also love the cloudy sky here – where I come from there are many skyscrapers, making it difficult to see the sky clearly and there aren’t as many clouds either! Even now, after a length of time living here, I still enjoy looking up to the cloudy sky and am still amazed about how beautiful it looks!

Another reason I really like it here in Ireland, is largely down to how friendly and nice people are. On my first day at school, I made friends with the whole class and my classmates showed me around the campus and helped me out a lot – this has been an important part of settling in and my study abroad experience.

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