Waseem Ahmed, our Pakistani Ambassador, shares why he thinks choosing to study MSc in Management at Dublin City University was a great decision…

In this age of globalisation, it is crucial to have a broad and refined international outlook. For me, a foreign master’s degree in the field of management would provide my career a boost and aid me to climb the ladder of success and personal growth.

I started considering universities with strong philosophy towards teaching that implies latest methodologies in teaching and highly value skills development through practical application of concepts and learned knowledge.

While researching for future destination for my master’s studies, Ireland grabbed my attention due to its vibrant and accepting culture and lifestyle along with a wide variety of globally recognised and well-reputed universities, offering a variety of study programs with low tuition fee for Non-Eu students as compared to England, Australia, Canada, and the USA. Furthermore, I love traveling and visiting historical sights and landscapes, and the Irish land is enriched with forts, castles, breathtaking rock formations and notable landmarks everywhere, which I visit to gratify my interests.

Why DCU Business School became my first choice

Off-course ranking matters a great deal

Rankings portray the respect and reputation of the institute and its degrees in the job market and represent the standardisation of the institutes for facilitating the students. DCU is the only Irish university which is placed at 46th in the ranking of QS Top 50 Under 50 Young Universities.

DCU Business School is also AACSB Accredited

While pursuing a degree in a business school, its accreditation is an important element and AACSB accreditation is regarded as the highest level of accreditation for business schools in the world, and this accreditation ensures that a business school is committed towards high-quality curriculum, faculty, research, innovation, and engagement. After UCD, DCU Business School is only business school in Ireland which hold AACSB Accreditation.

This year, the Financial Times also ranked MSc in Management program among top 90 best programs in the world in the field of management. It is a significant achievement for DCU and one more reason to come to DCU Business School for studies.

Why I chose MSc In Management (Strategy)

Career focused

MSc in Management (Strategy) at DCU is a more career focused program with an emphasis on students’ personal, academic, and professional life skills development and applied learning of strategic thinking, analysis, decision-making, strategy formulation and strategy execution.

Wide range of modules

Offered modules in this program include Strategy and Competition, Technology Management, Data Analytics & Visualisation, Consulting Skills, Business Process Innovation, Marketing Strategy, Digital Business, Organisation & Management in the Networked Era, Strategy & Leadership, Innovation & High Technology Entrepreneurship, Practicum-Applied Research/Dissertation, and Next Generation Management, which developed students into a strong and confident business professional and also meet the industry needs.

Among all, the modules have greater importance included; Next Generation Management, this module is divided into four key themes: career and personal development; research skills; business and society awareness; and digital media and technology. Students have the opportunity to participate in different activities, events, workshops, focus groups, teaching, research work, and trainings, and they build competences according to their personal development plan required for successful management and leadership careers. Furthermore, DICE (Digital Innovation, Creativity, and Enterprise) program, which is a first-year module in DCU Business School is also a part of Next Generation Management, as a project manager postgraduate students lead a group of undergraduate students working on their gamification and marketing poster project. Similarly, in Innovation & High Technology Entrepreneurship module, students get a unique opportunity to involve in the successful commercialisation of new ICT technologies developed by the scientists and researchers.

The options available for dissertation and practicum

For me, practicum module was the top most attraction to choose this program at DCU because it is a great opportunity to experience the real-time challenges and opportunities facing by the organisations, and working on strategies to shape their future. Upon completion, practicum will enrich my working exposure through application of learning, skills, and knowledge, and will enhance my international perspective as a manager. Whereas the dissertation mainly focuses on research and analysis of a real-world problem.