Captured through snapshots, Student Ambassador Sanya shares with us some of the things that made her fall in love with Dublin! Taking time to make your decision on where to attend will benefit you in the long run, but you never feel like a stranger once you step into Ireland!

For years, studying abroad has been many people’s dream. However, the hardest thing is to decide on where to go.

Every single international student wants to make their experience the most worthwhile, so those who select a destination without researching and getting all information available might regret it later. It’s not uncommon for students to make a quick decision in a short frame of time. I myself did this quickly, so before I came I was sceptical about whether this was the right decision for me. Before I landed in Dublin, little did I know what amazing things would meet me next…

Now, I am so proud of myself and so glad that I came to Ireland for my studies. It hasn’t been long since I moved, but still, it feels like home. This is down to the warm and affectionate welcome I received from this wonderful country! I would recommend coming to Ireland to wile away your university years.

You never feel like a stranger once you step into Ireland. 

The following photo gallery gives a glimpse into the memories that I have created here so far. I look forward to making many, many more. 

World famous Irish Coffee (photo: Sanya)


There is no peace quite like a walk on the beach (photo: Sanya)


All of the delicious Irish potatoes (photo: Sanya)


Getting a hello from everyone you pass makes you feel right at home (photo: Sanya)


The Dublin night life is super fun, with parties like never before! (photo: Sanya)


Friends that are like family, so you never feel alone (photo: Sanya)


Breathtaking natural scenery (photo: Sanya)

Sanya is pursuing a Masters in Digital Marketing at Dublin City University.