Struggling to make a decision about whether studying abroad is for you? Let Maria Agusta Pramesti, our IT Sligo and Indonesian Ambassador, give you some great reasons to choose Ireland…

In my opinion, studying abroad is one of the most beneficial and exciting experiences ever for a student. By travelling to study students have the opportunity to further their academics in a foreign country while taking in the allure and culture of a new land. If you are lucky enough to be currently studying abroad–amazing! If you’re thinking about doing it–what are you waiting for?!

Studying abroad is great for many reasons but one super aspect is how it opens you up as a person. You will find out more about yourself; different cultures and languages than you ever thought possible! If you can, try to travel as well–why not learn and have fun at the same time! Of course things aren’t always great and it’s normal to have times when you feel nervous, uncomfortable or anxious as an international student–remember everyone feels the same. During times like these, try to just be yourself and things will work out. Studying abroad really takes you out of your comfort zone and that where the magic happens, in my opinion!

I chose Ireland because it’s an English-speaking country and the only country in Europe that uses English as its first language. Gaelic is the native language here but in a daily life most people use English. I also chose Ireland because of its beautiful landscape–the nature here will dazzle you! The mountains, beaches and the cliffs along the Wild Atlantic Way are breathtaking. It’s not just the natural landscape that is impressive, Ireland is full of history–old churches, castles and ruins are spread all over the island.

The best thing about studying abroad here though is the kindness from the Irish people. They are so very welcoming to whoever comes to Ireland. They are very generous and always have a  smile for you–even if you meet them on a busy street in Dublin they will give you a smile and a ‘good morning’! It’s this environment that makes Ireland such a joy and a great place to live and study.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the choice to study abroad in Ireland today!

Visit the Education in Ireland website for more information about studying abroad in Ireland