Step into the world of the Emerald Isle with William Quintero as your guide. From Dublin’s bustling streets to the historic charm of Cork and Galway, discover Ireland’s rich tapestry of culture, multicultural vibrancy, and exciting career prospects. Join our Student Ambassador as he uncovers what makes Ireland a top choice for international students.

In the assessment of international destinations for a student, Ireland appears as an ideal choice for personal and professional projects, which a foreigner wishes to pursue. 

However, what makes Ireland so attractive? We can highlight the following points when deciding to come to the Emerald Isle: 

History and Culture: 

Ireland has a rich culture that has endured for centuries and has made it a major focus of tourism worldwide. It is enough to mention the Vikings and the Celts to get an idea of why Ireland is so famous for its traditions, its pubs, its dances, its architecture, its mysticism and the cultural richness of all its destinations such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Kilkenny, Kerry, Donegal, etc. 

In each town, the student will be able to live the experience from beginning to end, understand Irish life, its history of struggle, migration and feel that we carry something of Ireland in our hearts. 


Ireland is a cosmopolitan country, where citizens from different parts of the world come together. This will allow the student to share and exchange knowledge, experiences, opinions and even practice new languages. A student life in Ireland will undoubtedly be a life full of multiculturalism, which is widely respected and accepted in Irish society.   

Professional Development 

As a member of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), Ireland is proud to boast very good educational and business indicators. The country is the European headquarters of the most important multinationals in the world, transforming Dublin, for example, into the Silicon Valley of Europe. This business presence has boosted the labour and education market, making the country a very attractive destination for students to study in, and then carry out business practices, internships or even work contracts if they have outstanding talent in the industry. The country has first class educational institutions, with English as the first language, being the only member of the European Union with this characteristic and having very friendly policies towards foreigners. Without a doubt, you will find Ireland a great destination to take your career to the next level. 

International Connection 

Ireland is part of the European Union and has stable relations with the United Kingdom, which makes it an ideal destination to study, work and even travel, as many of the surrounding destinations can be visited in 1 to 3 hour flights, which is a great advantage to enrich the experience by getting to know the Emerald Isle and many of the surrounding countries, where you can complement your experience.  

Irish warmth 

The Irish have historically been migrants around the world, not for nothing, there are many more Irish people living outside Ireland than on the island itself. All this process has made Irish society very friendly to foreigners coming to the country. The Irish are friendly, helpful, cheerful, energetic and full of virtues, which make the tourist, student or worker who arrives on the island feel very comfortable. As a result, adaptation is much quicker and the student ends up taking away a very good image of the country in general. The list could go on and on and on, as Ireland is a country with a range of history, culture, education, work, art and nature that a student could hardly hate or avoid. For once, you know Ireland; the country will stay in your heart and in your memory for a lifetime. 

So, Welcome to the Emerald Isle, Fáilte! 

William Quintero is studying Entrepreneurship at NCI via Education in Ireland.