Meet our Student Ambassador, Layene Alves, as she unveils the magic of Ireland and why it’s the perfect destination for your exchange adventure!🍀

My name is Layene Alves, I’m Brazilian, I’m a Marketing student at Independent College and I’m going to tell you some reasons for choosing Ireland to do my exchange and the reasons that make thousands of Brazilians and students from all over the world choose Emerald Island as a destination. 

Charming Hospitality: When choosing Ireland for the exchange, immerse yourselves in a cosy and friendly experience. The Irish, known for their warm hospitality, will facilitate their integration into the local community, providing a reception that transcends linguistic boundaries.

Quality English and Beyond: In Ireland, you will not only improve your English skills in a favourable environment, but you will also discover the richness of the country’s two official languages: Gaelic and English. A unique opportunity for linguistic immersion.  

Captivating Landscapes: Explore the unique beauty of Ireland, where green landscapes, quiet lakes and impressive cliffs become your daily setting. A country that not only inspired famous films, such as P.S. I Love You and Harry Potter, but it will also become their own cinematographic narrative. 

High Level Education: With renowned educational institutions, Ireland offers an education of excellence. Whether in prestigious universities or language schools, your academic and professional journey will be enriched by a diverse learning atmosphere. 

Study + Labour: In Ireland, the experience goes beyond the classroom. With the permission of study and work, you will have the opportunity to work 20 hours per week during the school period and 40 hours on summer vacation. A unique chance to stay in the country and explore other European destinations. 

Five Years of Personal Experience: After almost 5 years living and studying in Ireland, I can say that this choice has transformed my life. Between study, cultural growth, professional opportunities and purchasing power, Ireland remains the best decision I have ever made. Initially Ireland was chosen so that I could learn a second language, and today I am the first in my family who has the opportunity to attend a university abroad. 

I am grateful to all the moments I have lived and still have to live in this place that I call home today!