Considering Donegal as a location for further study in Ireland? Our Indian ambassador and Letterkenny resident Vanya Tiwari guides us around this charming town.

In the captivating Irish county of Donegal lies the town of Letterkenny. If you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities and enjoy more peaceful surroundings, then Letterkenny is the place for you!


Humans have three basic needs — food, clothing and shelter. The first two depend on the choices you make but the latter is the one you will fret the most about once the decision has been made on where to study. Finding the right accommodation for you can be really difficult. You want a space to call your own that is also comfortable so you have to choose wisely. If your finances are tight and soaring rent prices are a source of anxiety then Letterkenny is a great option. Donegal has some of the lowest rent rates in the entire country. The average monthly rent for students is around €300 per room. Try finding that in the capital! The price could even go down again if you opt in for a house share. Letterkenny IT also validates all accommodation before they advertise it to students to ensure safety and reliability.


In Ireland, the best option for travelling between cities is the bus. It is the best value option for students and the most accessible as only larger towns and cities will have a train station. The bus service in the country is astounding! I really recommend it. I love staring out the bus window at the rolling green hills as they pass me by. Students can avail of discounts on a travel pass that can be used on the busses. Although Letterkenny is a small town and everything can be reached within a few minutes’ walk, there are some steep slopes and the unpredictable Irish weather can make you tired in a short time. So, if you are too lazy or exhausted with handfuls of shopping, taxi services are everywhere. Letterkenny taxi services are just a call away — they charge you €5, to travel anywhere across town.

Roundabout at night

On the road to Letterkenny


Irish weather can put a dampener on most forms of outdoor entertainment. But don’t let the rain discourage you as there is still plenty to do here. If you’re a sporty kind of person there are numerous clubs and societies that you can enrol in — swimming, football, cricket, badminton etc.  Indoor games can be enjoyed at Arena7, where you can partake in multiple games such as pool or bowling. If movies are what interest you then pay a visit to the Century Complex cinema in the centre of town. You can enjoy a discounted rate of only €4.50 every Tuesday which is great for a student budget. Bars, pubs and Irish culture go hand in hand, and Letterkenny has plenty on offer.  On a hectic weekend when you need a break from studying there really is nothing better than experiencing some melodious traditional Irish music and a drink in your local pub.

Despite being a small town, it offers everything you need. The place will mesmerise you with its own charm and beauty and you may find that you never want to leave this splendid place.