Why medicine in Ireland?
Student Ambassador Rahaf Alawadhi shares 10 compelling reasons why Ireland is the ultimate destination for studying medicine.

My name is Rahaf Alawadhi and I am from Kuwait. Currently I am a third-year medical student in the Royal College of Surgeons. I’m going to explain why I think Ireland is a great place to study medicine for ten reasons.

1. Ireland has some of the best medical universities in the world, such as Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin.

2. International students can get a medical degree in a five or six-year program. In a lot of other countries it can take up to nine years as you need to get an undergraduate degree requirement before acceptance to medical school.

3. Ireland has the most beautiful university campuses with spectacular libraries. For example, at the RCSI 26 York Street which has a modern style that helps to focus, and the library at Trinity College Dublin, which is a tourist attraction in its own right.

4. Medical schools in Ireland provide early clinical experience. Therefore, students will develop their skills by meeting patients as well as developing their clinical skills while doing multiple examinations.

5. Medical schools in Ireland provide excellent research opportunities either during the semester or over the summer holidays.

6. In Ireland, medical schools provide international students with special programmes to bolster English language proficiency as well as a foundation year if needed.

7. The medical programs in Ireland offer excellent opportunities for students to participate in global societies such as UNICEF and the Cancer Society.

8. Some of Ireland’s medical universities have a strategic location in the middle of the city centre surrounded by accommodations near the college, saving students commuting time.

9. Medical universities in Ireland have a diverse community composed of different nationalities. It helped RCSI to get a Guinness record of “Most Nationalities in a Health Awareness Lesson” with students from over 60 countries.

10. Medical schools in Ireland deliver the same training to students from acclaimed surgeons, doctors, and inventors who graduated from Irish medical universities. This inspires and motivates us.

Rahaf Alawadhi is studying at RCSI