Niranjan tells us more about what’s involved in the Computer Science MSc course at UCD, from what it is to whether you’ll be the right fit…

What is it?

The first part of the course name – MSc Computer Science – might sound clichéd, but why is our course specifically called the negotiated learning? It is because the UCD’s MSc CS NL program lets you do just that. It is a one year program tailored so precisely that all modules are electives and none mandatory.

How does it work?

The program is split into three semesters and the overall credit is 90. For the first two semesters, you are allowed to elect modules that you wish to study. Each module has a credit point associated with it (say 5, 7.5 or 10) and you’ve to achieve 60 credit points at the end of two semesters. The list of modules is exhaustive and is categorised into major streams like Data Science, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science, apart from many other miscellaneous modules. With over 100 individual subjects and the option of choosing inter-disciplinary modules, one is only spoilt for choices. The third semester involves one of the three options: Team software project, Research Thesis or an Internship. Read more about the course here.

Who is the best fit?

The purpose of any Post graduation is to specialise in some of the many fields that one has superficially learned in their undergraduate studies. I studied Computer Science in my Bachelor’s and having worked as a software developer for two years in two different companies, I found out my interest and expertise lies in web development. So, when I wished to study further, I knew my focus area and unsurprisingly, the NL program provided me with a variety of modules to enhance my existing skills while helping me acquire new ones.

So, this program would suit you if you have already established your focus area and feel that the idea of ‘mandatory modules’ are not your cup of tea. Also, passion towards computer science plays a huge role and related work experience is icing on the cake. Moreover, it is very important for you to devise a fair plan beforehand on the skills you wish you acquire so that you do not end up just as a superficial learner once again.

Overall, if you feel at home as a computer science professional, confident that you have built a basic platform already and consider this as an extended crash course to elevate to the next level, this course sits pretty at the top of the list of your choices.

Why would I recommend this course?

It is no secret that UCD, with its highly skilled staff, a huge beautiful campus and an everlasting brand, is one of the best Irish universities. With evolving job prospects in the software field in Ireland, there is no better time to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science. Anyone wishing to consider this opportunity could contact me directly or through Enterprise Ireland for more information.